Are you tired of feeling out of control around food? Do you feel ashamed and embarrassed about your eating habits? Do you wish you could finally fall in love with food and your body again?


Starting 21 February 2022!!

Join me to banish overbearing food thoughts, constant snacking, cravings, and overeating and make 2022 the year you finally ditch self-sabotage!!

 Only $111 (That's under $4 a day ) 

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Are the Food Zombies constantly calling you to the pantry and you want to create new habits in 2022?

Join me.....

In 30 days, I will take you step-by-step and teach you everything you need to know about how to end the war with food! 

What is the food Zombie Challenge?

This is my brand new 6 step technique for women to overcome mindless, overeating in 30 days 🦄

Do you feel out of control, like you have been possessed by the

The Food Zombie Squad!!!

Which Zombie is Keeping You in Food Prison? 

Late night Lizzie

Lizzie does well during the day but usually falls off track from 3 or 4 pm or when she gets home from work. She finds herself in uncontrollable binge cycles. She often hides packaging and wrappers so that no one knows how much she has eaten as she cannot live with the shame. She thinks there is something fundamentally wrong with her and fears that she will never be able to stop.

Anxious Annie

Annie is a stress eater, she's very good when it comes to food but then face plants into a bag of sweets when things get though. Her go to stress foods are sweets followed with feelings of failure!! She feels she cannot trust herself around food and like she’s slowly going down a slippery slope

Wagon Wanda

Wanda is really good at starting a diet, she goes shopping for all the foods for her new diet, but also buys a whole bunch of "bad" foods for her last binge before starting her diet on Monday. She really does well for a week or two but then falls hard on her designated cheat day!! She does not believe in doing things half measure so makes sure that she binge eats all the sugar before starting again on Monday.

Possessed Patsy

Patsy cannot stop thinking of food, she wakes up hoping that she will not overeat today. She thinks about food while brushing her teeth, getting the kids ready for school and at work while sitting at her desk. She feels like she would be so much more productive and would have achieved so much more if it wasn't for her constant thoughts about either what to eat or how to make up for what she ate.

Counting Cassey

Cassey has an unhealthy obsession with eating healthy all the time. All foods must be toxic free, diary free, gluten free, low calorie and clean. She judges others for what they eat and feel superior when eating her clean foods. She's obsessed with defining and maintaining the perfect diet and will fixate on eating foods that give her a feeling of being pure and healthy. Unfortunately, that leaves her craving sugary foods but feels immense guilt when she does deviate from her strict, clean eating rules

This challenge is for You if you feel like you are:

Stuck in food prison!!!

  •  Constantly thinking about food & You feel like you are possessed by a zombie taking over every thought 

    • Struggling to stop eating at night & You feel like you are spiraling down a slippery slope 

    • Anxious that you will blow it at any time &  you feel hopeless about ever finding a way out 

    • Self-Sabotage keeps getting in into the binge-guilt cycle & you cringe at how you talk to yourself about it

    • Eating out of boredom has become your new normal & you feel like you can never trust yourself to have any snacks in the house

    🦄Learn How To 🦄

    •  Trust yourself, not thinking about food all the time

      •  Have more mental space, focus on the things I want to focus on & feel like you can be so much more productive

      • Know when to stop eating  &  feel satisfied  

      • Beat binge eating once and for all

      • Indulge Mindfully  without having a full on food zombie blow out 

      Time is ticking...


      Register now and get let go of your inner food zombie!!!

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      If you’ve been asking yourself…

      1. Is it actually possible for me to overcome mindless eating?

      2. Are is actually hope for me to finally overcome this ?

      3. Do I have what it takes to create a binge free life?

      If you are reading this, the answer is clearly yes. And I’m going to show you how.

      You’re the type-A kind of girl where if someone tells you how to do it, you'll do it.

      If you are so passionate about getting healthy and don't want to spend the rest of your life in the binge-guilt cycle

      You realize that you need to get a grip on this or you will be stuck in food prison for life

      You see other women able to enjoy a chocolate and not freak out about it for the rest of the week.

      Then you should really apply now.

      Here's what you get in the challenge!!

      1. Overcome One Challenge every 5 days

      Each Step will help bring you closer to breaking out of food prison and saying goodbye to your inner food zombie for good!!

      You will see more what those are but here's a little sneak peak of the next 30 days!!

      2. All the tools I provide my 1:1 clients to stop binge eating for good valued at over $1000

      Each Day will be powered with a video lesson to guide you along the way to breaking out of food prison.

      Learn how to make peace with food with easy to follow tricks and hacks guaranteed to help you break up with the food zombies for good.  

      3. Community support and accountability provided in a private Facebook group. Valued at $300

      Feel supported, loved and accountable in our amazing Facebook group!!

      Enjoy daily support and live Q&A sessions every 5 days!! 

      International guest speakers providing their best tools to help break the binge-guilt cycle!! 

      4. Bonus Yoga Workouts valued at $150

      6 Amazing yoga workouts to keep your body moving!! These  classes are specially designed for the challenge and are suitable for all levels!! 

      5. My full proof post binge protocol valued at $100

      This protocol will get you back on track when you had a binge. This tool alone has helped my clients bounce back from a binge!! 

      6. Self-Care Pack Valued at $25

      This beautiful self-care pack will uplift your day when you have been down about overeating 

      7. Zombie Challenge Strategy call valued at $275

      This is a dedicated 30 minutes with me to support you on your specific triggers and how to overcome them. The value of this call is priceless. 

      * * *

      8. International Guest Speakers

      International guest speakers sharing their best tools to help facilitate breakthroughs!! Habit changing experts, emotional well-being coaches, psychologists, life coaches, self-love experts


      My name is Stel Coombe-Heath, and exactly 3.5 years ago, I had started my binge eating recovery journey, binge eating at least every second day, not trusting myself around food, what diet to follow, trying to eliminate all possible foods that would cause me to binge, and getting no results. 

      After 12 weeks of going all-in on ONE recovery protocol, showing up consistently & learning the psychology of how binge eating works and how to stop it, I created a full-proof program of my own to help women do the same!

      In the past year, I have helped 100ds of women heal their relationship with food through my Food Freedom Program as well as the  Wholesome Lifestyle Sisterhood 

      Since that first program, I have perfected and proven my process into a simple, step-by-step method that is here to help YOU overcome overeating in 30 days.

      Because I KNOW you are here to finally break out of food prison, take your life back, and heal your relationship with food. 

      Real People, Real results

      Frequently Asked Questions


      The Food Zombie Challenge is a 30 Day sprint challenge. It Includes all the tools you will need to overcome mindless, overeating. You have access to daily actionable step, accountability, live Q&A sessions 


      All women who are currently stuck in patterns of mindless, overeating. Whether you have just recently noticed emotional eating creep up or have been struggling with your relationship with food for many years. 

      The Food Zombie Challenge  is best for those who are looking to break out of the binge guilt cycle .

      🧘‍♀️Q: Will this challenge work for me even if I am in early recovery?

      Yes! This challenge will kick start your progress and give you the tools where you get stuck the most. 

      🧘‍♀️Q: When does the Food Zombie Challenge start?

      Food Zombie challenge officially starts on 21 February 2022

      Doors Close 21 February 2022 6:00 PM

      Still have questions? 

      Send me a direct message on Instagram and I will gladly answer any questions!!