Foster Care & Adoption: 5 Keys to Starting the Journey Out Right

April 30

8:30 PM


during this event we covered:

  • Develop intentional prayer targets for the process.
  • Address the reality and necessity of grief in foster care and adoption.
  • Discuss how hope prevails, even in heart ache.
  • Identify areas that may be in need of healing.
  • Introduce specific ways to proactively prepare for a child coming into your home.

about the host

Naomi Quick


Naomi loves Jesus and is married to her best friend, John. She homeschools their six beautiful kids, two of whom have been adopted from the foster care system; and is a type-A, list-making, change-fearing girl living an adventure that demands  spontaneity and constant change! 

Author of Don’t Waste Your Wait: Embracing the Journey of Bringing Your Child Home; founder of Living Out 127; speaker at trainings for prospective and current adoptive and foster families.