Foundation Series Bundle

This is for you if: you are hungry for change now!

The Foundation Bundle kickstarts your journey to abundant living by demolishing

mental blocks and the tools you need to start create a life that makes your soul sing!

The bundle includes:

  • The Empowerment Reboot Series
  • ThetaHealing®️ Basic DNA Certification
  • ThetaHealing®️Advanced DNA Certification
  • Mastering Ascension Portal - 3-month access

This is a very limited offer, with 20 spots available!

1-Time Payment of  $777, a savings of $450!


2 payments of $444

You will learn all the tools you need and receive support from me and the community in this limited edition bundle. You will learn how to break down your mental, emotional and energetic blocks so you can effortlessly create a life of abundance, authenticity, and deep fulfillment in your purpose.

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More About These Elements

The students that have followed this roadmap in the past have experienced accelerated results, and I want that for you too! That's why I created this bundle so you could kickstart your growth and abundance into high-gear. Don't hesitate to take advantage of this limited offer as, to ensure a deep level of support, our class size is limited to 20 attendees.

This bundle is ideal for you if you are done waiting on the sidelines and are ready to accelerate your personal growth, spiritual development and are committed to prioritizing your wellbeing.

Empowerment Reboot Series
This introduction the power of the subconscious kickstarts your journey of self-discovery. Open yourself to release your limits and embrace your unlimited nature. Access the Empowerment Reboot 3-part program anytime.

Basic DNA Certification
Learn the basics of ThetaHealing ® and achieve your Basic DNA certification. You will learn the foundational tools and gain resources to accelerate your personal growth and spiritual development.

Advanced DNA Certification
Pick up where you left off and expand your capacity for healing and growth. Learn advanced techniques to deeply support you and your clients.

Mastering Ascension Portal
Enjoy a 3-month membership in a safe space to let go, heal, and expand your connection to your Divine nature. Get all the tools and support you need to amplify your healing and personal evolution.

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About Anik

Meet Anik – Global Healer, Speaker, Empowerment Advocate

My spirituality is at the core of who I am, but this wasn’t always the case. As a teen, I was spiritually attuned and fancied myself a bit of a tree-hugger but then, as so many of us do, I felt the pressures to grow up and put myself in a box. I had been taught that I needed to be successful and act like an adult, without understanding what this looked like to me, so I entered the corporate world. I spent 15 years working in business development and financial services and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it wasn’t my path.

I was 30, managing a multi-million-dollar firm… and I was totally miserable. I had succumbed to the “I’ll be happy when…” syndrome. I got through my days by telling myself that happiness was just beyond the next goal-post. I kept chasing it until my suffering became more uncomfortable than the fears of taking that leap-of-faith. Into what I had no idea at the time; now I realise the only leap-of-faith needed, was to have faith in myself. That's when I gained the courage to open myself up to change, and everything changed much faster than my intellectual mind could have ever imagined.

To cut a long story short, I was desperately unhappy, in a series of dead-end relationships, and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. This impacted my ability to work full-time, leading to financial stresses too.

I was recreating the same situation over and over and THEN I started aligning with what I needed to do to be happy. Not the girl on paper, not the girl in the box I had placed myself in, but the real authentic me living from a place of desire. I set about redefining success for me, to actualize a life I actually wanted, and to create abundance all around me.

I discovered a new way of life without suffering and without constantly fighting to be “okay”. I took back my life. I refused to settle for less than I knew I deserved… and I created something better in the process!

Chronic pain, revolving debt, toxic relationships, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks no longer govern my life.

I know what it is to feel unfulfilled and still be terrified of change and the unknown. Nevertheless, a decade ago, I could no longer ignore my soul's calling. I left my job, pension, and the certainty that came with keeping the status quo. I took a huge leap of faith, a leap of faith in MYSELF...

Now I dedicate my life to guiding people, seekers and all-around go-getters, to create a supportive, fulfilling and prosperous life. All I ask from you is a commitment to change, you too will need to take that leap of faith in yourself if you are going to say goodbye to the life you "should" have and hello to the life you want.

Learn from my years of training and teaching experience, helping those just like you! Break down harmful thought patterns, learn to manifest abundance, and live your life like you never have before. Once you remove the limitations you have set on yourself, you won’t believe how far you can go!

Let’s do this

Whether I’m healing, educating, or speaking, I love to heal inner  conflict, to help you live harmoniously with yourself! We can all make a positive difference in our own lives, and I want to help you achieve this.

This is the legacy I hope to leave behind.

So… what are you waiting for?

Our systems have been updated to serve you better, click here to register for the Foundation Series Bundle!