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I would love for you to experience how amazing it feels to get moving for just 5 minutes.  

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Why 5 Minutes?

  • 5 Minute workouts are easier to say YES to
  • 5 Minute workouts get you started
  • 5 Minute workouts are better than nothing
  • 5 Minute workouts improve consistency

What people are saying about these 5 Minute Videos

  • Just completed the 5 Min ARMS! Thank you I loved it! I only have 2 lb weights but I felt the burn! - Glennis

  • Done and feel like doing more. very rare thing for me. - Lois

  • I liked all the videos and did the 5 minute stretch at the end of each session. I learned where I am strong and where I am weak. - Judy

  • Thanks so much Amy. I appreciate everything you put into these videos. You are so uplifting and motivational - Member

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