Elevated Mama Life's FREE 7-Day Smoothie Bowl Challenge

Learn How to Make Easy, Heathy Meals in Minutes! 

* Do you crave healthy meals you can make in minutes?

* Are you looking for easy ways to add more nutrition without complicated meal planning?

* Are you a shake lover that wants a new spin on nourishing meals that fill you up and keep you feeling good?

The Elevated Mama Life 7-Day Smoothie Challenge comes with:

+ A detailed guide with your shopping list and prep info

+ Daily recipes delivered straight to your inbox

+ Nutritional guidance and tips to be a total smoothie bowl pro

+ Lots of peace of mind that you are giving your body what it needs

+ Release of any mom-guilt about throwing together a quick meals (because these taste like dessert and support the whole family's good health) 

When my family has a busy day or has indulged in not-so-healthy foods, smoothie bowls are my go-to quick and easy meals. Not only do they ensure we get the balance of whole foods our bodies need, I also avoid the meal time battles that often exhaust any parent - even if your kids are relatively good eaters. 

Whether you are looking for a new and creative way to fuel your body or you simply want a stress-free meal option for you or your family, Smoothie Bowls can solve so many of our needs!  I can't wait for you try out all our favorites and get inspiration for your own combinations!

Boost your health!  

Make easy, super nutritious meals in minutes!