About AMG Attorneys

AMG Attorneys was created in 2017 with an office in Madrid, Spain and after adding our offices in London and Brussels. Our expertise covers all aspects of the law relating to intellectual property, arts and cultural heritage and transportation and logistics: from drafting and negotiating agreements, copyright registration and protection, authors moral and economic rights assessment, cross-border road transportation issues in EU, to litigation and resolution of disputes both to individuals and companies.

At AMG Attorneys we have the qualification, resources and experience necessary to provide a comprehensive and result oriented legal advice.

What you will learn with this e-book 

You will learn to read and understand the importance of a written agreement.

You will be able to adapt the general terms to your individual needs.

You will know that a written agreement is the base of a successful business.

This e-book is for you if 

  • You are an artist who wants to collaborate with a new gallery or dealer
  • You are a gallery and would like to sign an agreement with an artist
  • You are a dealer who wants to represent an artist

How we help 

artists, galleries and private collectioners

Art law for artists 

Intellectual property is the artist´s right to protect their original work while a copyright is established when an original work is created tangibly (not just conceptually). However, unregistered work can often be hard to prove as artist´s own, which is why it is important to keep digital or physical records. If there´s ever need to take a case to court, the artist must think about how well he or she can demonstrate to be the creator of the artwork in question.

Art law for art galleries

Gallery has responsibility over their work and the one of the artist, therefore it is copyright laws that have to be observed at all times, agreements have to be created to establish legitimate rights to publish artworks for exhibition purposes.

Art law for private collectioners

One of the most important questions to ask when purchasing art is whether the work is free and clear of liens or other encumbrances now and in the future.

When a purchaser of an artwork later discovers that the work is not authentic, the statute of limitations in different countries offer different time frames for filing a suit of the breach of authenticity.