7-Day + 1 FREE eCourse

Day 1

Why You Should Start Blogging

Day 2

What You Should Blogging About

Day 3

How To Create A Blog in 15 Minutes

Day 4

How To Make Money Blogging

Day 5

Where Do You Start When Your Blog is Up

Day 6

Tips and Tricks For Passive Income 

Day 7

How To Increase Traffic and Followers + Other Misc Tips

Day 8 (Bonus Day)

How To Increase Your Blog's Traffic via Pinterest

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this really free?

Absolutely, yes. That's a short answer for a short question. :-)

2. Do I need to subscribe to the FREE Blogging course?

Yes. If you are looking to build your blog or create a successful one, the content of this course will be beneficial to achieving your goal.

3. I don't have a blog yet but will create one, do I need to use the affiliate links you have in the course?

No, you are not required but it wouldn't be bad idea if you use my affiliate links contained in the course. If you don't use them, it's fine. If you do, then, thank you. I created these course and group out of my desire to share my thoughts and lessons learned on blogging.

4. I have other questions, how can I reach you?

You can reach me at mrpracticalsaver@gmail.com. I will try to respond to all your questions promptly. I only blog an hour or two a day because I have husband and daddy duties after work and I work full-time. I will try to provide answer your questions as soon as I can.