The Marketing Challenge of 2020

Organic reach on social media is down. 

Content marketing is drowning online platforms. 

Online audiences, bombarded daily with advertising, are skeptical of sales offers, even if they're good ones!

What's a small business owner or entrepreneur to do?

It used to be that video alone could get you heard above the content clutter online. 

Its popularity with audiences and the boost it was given by social media platforms made video an excellent marketing strategy. 

Now, with our news feeds more crowded with videos, you have to step up your video game. 

Yes, I want to be a pro on camera!


Winning in 2020 calls for on-camera skills that will get you noticed and make you memorable.

We’re Narrisa and Paolo from No Fuss Video. 

Former journalists with more than 25 years in television, radio and print under our belts, we'll teach you the on-camera techniques we've mastered over the course of our media careers.

With the right approach, resources and guidance, you can learn how to speak on camera with the confidence, charisma and clarity that will bring in results for your business.

Capture success with the on-camera speaking skills that build video with impact.

We have a free training video to help you begin the process of learning to speak with confidence, charisma and clarity on camera, so you can: 

  • stand out in a sea of video content
  • create videos that browsers look forward to seeing in their social media news feeds
  • get viewers to listen to and absorb your message
  • be memorable so audiences become familiar with your brand
  • get your videos to work for your business and bring in actual results

Our free training video is short, but filled with useful tips to get you started on the road to on-camera confidence.

You'll also get:

  • a downloadable crib sheet with the tips from our training video PLUS bonus tips.
  • a downloadable guide on how to use video to get attention for your business

Survival, and success of the fittest!

There's no sugar-coating it.

It's only going to become harder to get eyes on your business.

But by learning a timeless skill that will help you weather the ever-changing online world, you'll be one step ahead and geared up for success.

So, don't leave that success to chance! 

Get our free training video now!

Yes, I want to be a pro on camera!


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