Kick out those BUTS to overcome your camera fears!

  • You know you have to do videos to market your business, BUT you're terrified of appearing on camera
  • You get that you need to speak on camera to connect with your target audience, BUT when you face the lens you freeze up
  • You want to create an online course to diversify your income, BUT your dread of the camera paralyzes you
  • You have to speak on camera for your job, BUT you're afraid you'll come across as awkward and foolish

Don’t let a fear of the lens hold you back from your full potential! You can kick those buts to conquer the camera! No ifs, ands or BUTS about it!

Yes, I want to start overcoming my fear of the camera!


Being successful in the age of video...

Today, millions of people are turning on video cameras for their daily work routines the same way they do their computers. They're using video to communicate, connect and conduct business. That means if you're not speaking on camera, you're missing out...big time. 😢

Video is no longer optional for entrepreneurs and executives. 

Zoom meetings, webinars, audience outreach, networking, marketing and making the sales pitch—video has become an integral part of the way we mine opportunities and earn income.

It’s hard to miss how video has taken over the business world.

Trouble is, although you know you need to make video a priority to claim your success, you have a fear of being on camera. 

Don’t worry, we can teach you the on-camera skills that will make you proficient at what has become the must-use business tool in the digital age.

Who are we?

We’re Narrisa and Paolo from No Fuss Video.

We are former journalists with more than 25 years in television, radio and print under our belts. In addition to our extensive media experience, we’ve also done documentary film and video production. We’ve spent a lifetime working both in front of and behind the camera.

Today, we teach entrepreneurs and executives across the globe the on-camera techniques we've mastered over the course of our careers. 

Our mission is to show our clients the best ways to use video to connect, engage and drive action with online audiences.

Yes, I want to stop being nervous on camera!


From fear to fierce in no time!

We want to help you to shake off your camera fears and become a confident speaker who resonates with audiences. That process begins with showing you how to be comfortable in front of a video camera.

Stick with us and soon you'll be recording videos with consummate ease, wondering what you've been doing with your life all along.

Imagine presenting videos with confidence and infectious high energy. No nodding off or zoning out by your audiences. No tapping out after a few seconds. They stay tuned in and engaged.

Our short, free training video is the ideal introduction to facing the lens with passion and presence to take advantage of the opportunities video offers.

How to be natural on camera

No one is doomed to being awkward on camera!

In life, you either have your story written for you, or you can kick the Universe's head writer out of the chair and write your own script. You can take charge by learning a timeless skill that will help you weather the ever-changing online world. This way, you'll be one step ahead and geared up for success.

With the right approach, resources and guidance, you can learn how to speak on camera with the charisma and clarity that will bring in results for you, whatever your professional goals.

We have a free training video to help you begin the process of learning to speak with confidence on camera, so you can: 

  • stand out in a sea of content
  • create videos that online audiences look forward to seeing
  • get viewers to listen to and absorb your message
  • be memorable so viewers become familiar with your business or personal brand
  • get your videos to deliver actual business results

Our free training video is short, but filled with useful tips to get you started on the road to on-camera confidence. You'll also get a downloadable crib sheet with the tips from our training video PLUS bonus tips.

Yes, I want to be confident and successful on camera!


Those who excel at video will thrive in the digital age

Whether it's to grow your business or hook new career opportunities, putting yourself out there on camera is now non-negotiable. Doing it with poise and confidence, though, is what will make audiences sit up and take notice.

Working up the courage to face the lens is a challenge for many people. That’s why we’ve created our free training video—to help folks look AND feel more natural on camera almost immediately.

Don't leave success to chance!

The world is yours. It's time to reach out and grab it.

Your path to success with video starts with conquering your camera fears.

So, are you ready to start learning how to be comfortable in front of a video camera? Well, grab our free training video and downloadable PDF now!

Yes, I want to learn how to be natural on camera!


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