Has your son or daughter dropped out of college due to depression? Are you afraid to send your child away to college due to their depression? Do you struggle to find the right professionals to address your fears and concerns and get your child back on track?

PARENTS, I wrote this book for you. Download a FREE copy now.

Depression is treatable and should not prevent your son or daughter from attending and completing college. This book will provide you with key steps to help your child get the treatment that they need to be successful in college.

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My Child's Not Depressed Anymore

This book will give you the tools that you need to help get your college student back on track.

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Dr. L Squared

Harvard-trained | Board-certified | Child, Adolescent, & Adult Pyschiatrist

Melissa Lopez-Larson, MD

Dr. Melissa wants your child to graduate college and go on to live a successful life.

She has helped hundreds of parents of depression-afflicted young adults, and now she wants to help your family too. Her free book, My Child's Not Depressed Anymore, will aid you in the process of evaluating and treating your child’s depression. 

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