Free 5 Day Content Creation Email Course

As a business owner, you KNOW you need to create content for helping your target audience, sales, marketing, and any promotions.

But there is so much you need to create such as images, short and long-form videos, PDFs, and email content.

But what do you do if your content creation skill is so-so or you have so many ideas that you get overwhelmed?

In this course, we'll walk you through how to create content before your doubts and overwhelm kicks in. At the end of this course, you'll be able to create: 

  • Easy blog posts
  • Social media images
  • PDF resources
  • A content output plan to guide you on what to create and when it needs to go out.

If you do all the assignments without fail, at the end of this course you'll have enough content in your output plan for the next month, you'll have a lead magnet for getting email subscribers, AND you'll have AT LEAST 2 weeks of social media posts already scheduled.