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Struggle to engage your glutes?

Try adding a few of these moves in your warm up routine to make a difference. 

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You don't have to be experienced. Work at your own pace and slowly you'll build up your fitness and strength!

No excuses

You'll be able to follow these exercises from home, the gym or while travelling! Only minimal space is needed!


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Celinda Belle

is the creator of Fit Booty Body and a Fitness & Pilates coach specializing in core, glutes and back pain to he help women feel stronger and confident. 

From having a history of back and knee pain, glute focused workouts have changed her life from reducing pain and achieving a firmer body & booty!

 She's on a mission to help more women feel fitter & bootyful, as well as encourage those who've been setback with niggling pains to get moving.

Here's to feeling fit, firm & bootyful!