A Beginner's Guide to

Freelancing in Germany

Are you a digital nomad looking to work in Germany? Or want to start your own freelance business as an expat in Germany?

This short E-book will teach you step by step how to prepare and apply for your German Freelance Visa application and register your freelance business with tax authorities in Germany. 

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What's Inside This Ebook

Part One

German Visa Requirements For Nationalities

Let's start with the basics, shall we?!

First section of this book will show you the requirements of the German freelance visa/ self-employment permit.

You will also learn about the is the visa process for different nationalities. 

Part Two

Changing to Freelance/ Self-Employment Permit

This chapter is for foreigners who already live in Germany on a valid resident permit. 

Learn the step by step process of how to convert your existing German resident permit or your entry visa into a self-employment permit. 

Part Three

Taxes & Stuff

Now that you know how to get your German freelance permit, we will look at how to register your business with German tax authorities. 

Yamini Gautam

Yamini is a serial expat since 2005. She has lived long term in the UK, Thailand, Germany and India (where she was born and raised).  

Currently, she lives in Bavaria Germany with her fiance and her cat and works 100% remotely through her virtual online marketing agency.

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