What people are saying about 12 Layers of Love


"The perspective from which I saw myself cut me off from experiencing who I truly was inside and I did not have any peace within my heart. After listening to the 12 Layers of Love Heart Activation meditations I was able to see and experience love from within, my True Self. I found rest and contentment for my soul. I felt whole again."


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"Once my heart was opened after listening to the 12 Layers of Love Heart Activation Meditation Audio series I began to shift from my mind to my heart. I saw the world from a higher perspective. I began to receive creative ideas and experienced a great deal of success."

About Tracey J.

Tracey J. Johnson is an intuitive guide who draws upon her strong connection to the angelic realm to provide guidance and direction. Light coach, author, and host of Allowing Love on the Women’s Spiritual Network,  Tracey’s clients testify to experiencing dramatic shifts within their hearts when working with this talented intuitive. Tracey’s e-volvement grew out of a deep desire to develop her divine connection and facilitate others in doing the same. As a presenter of workshops, webinars, and conferences, she has gained a roster of clients from varied walks of life. Using positive psychology, exercises, ceremony, and creative craft she helps participants open their hearts to a new world and a new way of life.