What homeschoolers are saying about our Nature Study ebooks

“The book is awesome!…The book not only has fantastic ideas for nature walks and study but also ideas on questions you could ask before, during, or after the walks. … I really can’t wait to take some of these ideas out and use them with the kids.”

A fellow homeschoolers recommended your 2012 Election notebook and I was absolutely thrilled to find these unit studies that you’ve written as well.

They are RIGHT on the nose, exactly what I’ve been looking for, for almost a year! I teach in our homeschool coop and although my children are 4 and 2 I love that I can use these even now with them and not just in the coop! A lot of the questions while on a nature walk are the same as what I do naturally. I am looking forward to getting more in depth and embracing both of my children’s curiosity and having the perfect tool to help me stay focused and organized in my teaching about the seasons.

Thank you also for making them so affordable! We don’t have a lot of wiggle room at all so it’s nice to have the option of purchasing individual seasons, but it’s SO cost effective to get it all at once and I was shocked at how affordable it was. Thank you so much!

“WOW! That was my first impression!“Using Nature Study, Nature Journal and Nature Through the Year” is a great purchase. It is massive in size (over 200 pages) and deep in scope.”

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Katie Glennon

I'm a homeschool mom of 13 years and two graduates with 30 years of education experience. My goal is to help other homeschool parents enjoy and make the most of their time homeschooling by providing them with fun tips and ideas and easy to use homeschool resources and curriculum.