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Do you:

- Feel like your child has selective hearing, they just don't do as you ask?

- Worry because your child lashes out physically and verbally?

- Want to parent in a respectful way but end up shouting and feeling guilty afterwards?

    If so this masterclass is perfect for you!

    You will find out 4 common mistakes people make that add fuel to the fire of upset, & what you can do to avoid them, to reduce the amount of time & energy you spend on day to day battlesso you can focus on the good stuff! 

    Learn how you can help them with those big emotions. 

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    Thursday 26th November 8.30pm

    You will learn: 

    The importance of firm loving boundaries, that are in alignment with your respectful & gentle parenting style.

    A tip to help your child find ways to express their strong emotions that don't hurt themselves and others.