What advance readers are saying about this book

Julie D

First of all I want to say how profound your work has been for me...I've been struggling with food for nearly 20 years and only really began seeing changes when I found Geneen Roth and Josi Spinardi after my son's birth 5 years ago. But there was just this little puzzle piece missing and it turned out to be you!

Janet H

Finished your book today on the way to Napa. Can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed it; how intriguing it was; how much it inspired me and how much stuff it brought up for me.  It definitely motivates me to do the work. Very compelling and understandable.

Colette C

I am honored to have read this book! I think your book will help a lot of people struggling with emotional eating.  The exercises are wonderful and helpful.  No one will feel judged for having emotional eating issues. I also love the art work. I felt that after reading a passage seeing the art work was like a mental break. 

About Galina

I am here to support you on your own healing path to peace with self and peace with food. As a trauma and movement specialist, my way of approaching our relationship with food is both mindful and bodyful, compassionate and transformative, grounded in science and realized in loving connection.