You know how pregnancy can be super exciting but at the same time pretty nerve-racking?

Well, I've experienced it myself and helped hundreds of expectant parents to manage their fears and keep calm for an empowered pregnancy and birth experience. I'm now sharing my 30 minutes to Pregnant, Calm and Focused Audio so that you too can take some time out, focus and learn a couple of powerful techniques for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

This hypnosis recording will guide you into a deep sense of calm and focus from day 1 of your pregnancy.

This recording is perfect for:

  • Taking some time out during your day to focus on you and your baby
  • Any times of stress in pregnancy
  • Preparing for medical appointments
  • Waiting for scans that are running late
  • Whenever you need to quickly rejuvenate, refresh and calm your body and mind.

Recorded by a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, Childbirth Educator and Hypnobirthing Specialist especially for busy expectant parents who are short on time. Just enter your email in the box below to receive the recording and join my email list (you can unsubscribe at any time):

Access a feeling of calm within 30 minutes whether you're waiting for an appointment, at home and feeling frazzled or worried about pregnancy related issues and would like to press the reset button.