The best way to describe this Action-Adventure/Comedy series is a modern American tall tale. You'll laugh until you cry and you'll feel some other feelings at some point, too. Read more about the Stetson Jeff Adventures down below, and subscribe to a mailing list here to get your free ebook copy of book 1:

The Stetson Jeff Adventures vital statistics:

We have written a completed series of six books. The first three are live on Amazon. After you read book 1 you're going to want to check out these increasingly ridiculous tall tales:

Book 2: Mayhem in Marrakesh: Stetson Jeff travels to Morocco, where he rides a camel hopped up on majoun. But what is A.S.P. smuggling? Is it baking soda? Or something more illicit?

Book 3: Pandemonium in Paradise: Stetson Jeff flies to Philidelphia, but soon, he's defending the farm from A.S.P. operatives while staying among the Amish in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Includes a super-low-speed chase scene involving an Amish buggy!

Bonus short story: A Very Stetson Christmas (this must-read piece is only available in the Volume 1 Paperback!)

Book 4: Danger in Dangriga: Stetson Jeff traces a clue to Belize and, with assistance from the counter-shadow-organization R.A.T.S., he battles his fear of sharks off the reef and the terror of a Mayan princess's crystalized skeleton.

Book 5: Combat on El Camino: While tracking a dangerous A.S.P. operative known only as "The Don," Stetson Jeff heads to Gibraltar, then on into northern Spain, where he rides a bull and hikes the Camino de Santiago with some modern Vikings.

Book 6: Denouement in Dallas: After a semester at Oxford University, our hero chases A.S.P. across the globe (no spoilers here!) only to end up in Dallas again, (that much was obvious, wasn't it?) hoping to save the world, or at least some lovely Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, from imminent destruction. Will he save the world, get the girl and perhaps even fulfill an ambition beyond his wildest dreams? Nah. That's impossible.

By the end of January, 2024, all ebooks and 2 paperback volumes will be available on Amazon. Also, all audiobooks will be available on Audible and 45+ platforms-- try Hoopla to borrow audiobooks for free from your local library or Libro.fm to support a local bookstore.  (I like to support Fables Bookstore in Goshen, Indiana.)