Book Description

Each day, Ressa performs for Lady Octavian.

Each night, her blood is stolen from her.

Ressa is a Descendant slave, and in the world of Terene, this is the only life she’s ever known. Born into House Octavian, she has served obediently. Even when her father was taken from her.

But when Ressa discovers that Lord Octavian is selling one of his Descendants to another noble house, she will have to make a choice. Will she be separated from the only family she has left? Or will she find a way to change her fate?

It comes down to her final performance.

"Requiem For House Octavian" is a prequel to Good Blood, set in the world of Terene.

About the author

Billy Ketch Allen

Billy Ketch Allen grew up in Fallbrook, California and studied creative writing at Cal State Northridge. He plays professional beach volleyball for "work" but has found time off the sand to continue his passion for storytelling.

November 2018 marks the release of Good Blood (The Descendants of Terene), the first book in his fantasy series.