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Pssst: It comes preloaded with rules to fix the most common errors I've seen in 8+ years as an expert copy editor

A style guide is an essential resource to keep your content clear, consistent, and credible

Style guides aren't just for publications. Any organization or individual that produces content needs one. Heck, even NASA has one!

A style guide helps you:

  • define and uphold your brand voice and content guidelines
  • be consistent (it would look funny if readers noticed names and words were spelled differently from book to book or blog post to blog post)
  • eliminate repeat grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors that distract your audience
  • quickly onboard and train new writers and editors to your style

Don't have time to create a style guide?

No problem. I took the time to design one for you. 

And this is not your average blank one-page PDF. It's an editable document that you can start adding to immediately.


    • Grammar and Punctuation sections preloaded with rules to fix the most common errors
    • Spelling and Usage Sheet
    • Instructional text and fill-in-the-blanks to tailor the style guide to your preferences—whether you're a devotee of The Associated Press Stylebook or The Chicago Manual of Style
    • Professional design with an easily customizable color scheme to suit your brand

    Share the wealth! Free editorial style guide templates like this one don't come around often…