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Her diploma has barely begun to collect dust when Tori Bones’ career falls apart and leaves her working three part-time jobs to pay the bills. But her latest Wizard of Oz costume party gig puts more Ben Franklins in her bag than she bargained for, and now, she’s tracking down who put the money there and who stole it. 

Her pun-loving boyfriend, a semi-pro downhill biker, joins in the adventure to help her catch the thieving duo wreaking havoc on wealthy Beech Mountain estates.

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An award-winning author and life-long learner, Kristen Hogrefe Parnell writes for both women and young adults who enjoy suspenseful fiction from a faith perspective.

Sticks and stones can break your bones, and words can be even more hurtful. But only if you believe them.

~ Bricks and Bones

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Take My Hand

Trauma therapist Kaley Colbert needs a vacation from her job, and a ski trip with her church singles’ group seems like the perfect way to unplug. But when she learns that her last client was murdered hours after their meeting, she wonders if the stalker notes she’s receiving in the mountains hold a more sinister warning.

On the trip, ex-boyfriend and entrepreneur Reef Mitchell wants to give their relationship another chance, but she questions if his past and priorities could ever mesh with her life. When her client’s underworld connections catch up with her, she has no choice but trust Reef to help her stay alive, solve her client’s mystery, and bring the killers to justice.

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