What to expect as a Tribe Member

Daily Bible Study

Don't know where to start with Bible reading?  I will give you the exact scripture daily.  


Devotionals from Yours Truly! I want to make the Bible study easy for you by explaining it in my own human way.

Community of Godly Women

We could all use some godly friends to hold us accountable, pray for us and celebrate with us.

Monthly Teachings

Myself and other professionals will be teaching monthly, based on life's issues.  

Live Monthly Prayer Session

Each month we get together for a Live virtual call where we chat, get to know one another and share prayer requests and praises.  

Daily Study Plan

No more overwhelm with not knowing what to do with your daily God-time.  I give you step by step instructions.

GG Mack

I founded this tribe for ladies like you!  

Many years ago, my life was not going as I had planned at all and during that rough time, I learned that it would never go the way I wanted it to if I didn't stop what I was doing and learn that God needed to be a priority in my life.  This is how the Tribe came about.  I want to share with you exactly what I did to learn how to put God first.  And I promise you, it is not time consuming, yet gives you exactly what you need to show our Heavenly Father that you want Him first in your life.