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From Effort to Ease

Creating a Harmonious Home Starts With You

You are trying your best and it looks like you have it all together. But inside you this constant effort is depleting you and leaving you constantly questioning your decisions.


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Especially right now, when you are wearing all these hats 24/7 and there is nowhere to go and no breaks, it's even more important to see all that you put in and how you approach it and find a place of more flow and ease.


Understanding Mom Guilt


Identifying Your Feelings and Needs


Creating Authentic Boundaries


Self Care and Self Expression

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Helping You Become the Heart of Your Home

Yukti Rao

I help moms who are afraid of getting it wrong drop the guilt and live a peaceful and powerful life of their choice that their whole family loves. Having gone from feeling unmotivated, lost and guilt-ridden as a working mom constantly efforting to now enjoying a joy-filled harmonious home filled with ease and flow, I love to help women take care of themselves first, so they can create space to be able to take care of others and create a harmonious home.

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