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Integrative Nutrition


Melissa Gaskin is an Integrative Nutrition Coach, Essential Oil Specialist, and Speaker. She has been in the wellness industry for nearly a decade and is passionate in supporting women through nutrition, movement, and lifestyle shifts by creating sustainable habits and long-term longevity which prevents and reverses disease.

    Alternative Health Care


    Amanda Farrell is an Alternative Health Care advocate, Essential Oil Specialist, and a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist and Esthetician. As a cancer and domestic violence survivor she personally understands the challenges associated with the occurrences of life changing and traumatic events. Providing support, encouragement and outside the box thinking in regards to growth through tough times has become a passion of hers and is the cornerstone of her driven pursuit to bring health and wellness to those who seek it.



      Meredith Dishman is an Aromatherapist Specialist for Animals, and currently undergoing her Clinical Certification for Aromatherapy. She's an active oils user, passionate about clean living, and seeks to support her clients in a preventative and non-toxic lifestyle.