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GET PAID to promote and sell Fast To Heal products and services, while improving the health of your friends and loved ones!


Why Become An Ambassador?

You're losing weight and feeling better after reading Fast To Heal, or working with Shana, right?!

People are asking what you're doing and how you have found success.  The next logical step is to earn money for all your referrals!

GET PAID to promote and sell Fast To Heal products and services, while improving the health of your friends and loved ones!

How Does The Process Work?

You will receive a custom link to share with your friends, followers, and family members. Our goal is to spread the word about Fast To Heal concepts— the most effective and ancient nutrition therapy available today!

The old nutritional dogma of counting calories and eating small, frequent meals is outdated, yet rampant throughout our society. Conventional nutrition approaches have made us sicker and fatter, and it is time for change!

Join the Fast To Heal movement, as we equip and empower those around us to lose weight, feel better, and simplify life. Become an ambassador by following these easy steps.

1.) APPLY to receive your custom link.

2.) ACCESS promotional materials to help accelerate your sales.

3.) START SHARING with family and friends.

4.) COLLECT compensation.



  • Become an Ambassador and gain access to your custom link
  • Access the Ambassador community for strategies, assets, and additional support
  • Share your custom link with your loved ones, friends, followers, and family members
  • Collect your commission for product and program sales
  • Give back to your family and community, all while improving their health!


  • Fast payouts
  • 40% Commission on all digital products and Group Finding Nutritional PEACE Challenge sign-ups
  • 20% Commission on Shana's Personalized Nutrition Services

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What Happens Once I Apply?

Your application will be reviewed. If you are approved, you will receive your own unique link to promote products to your network. You will also receive access to the Fast To Heal Affiliate Dashboard and the private Fast To Heal Ambassador Facebook Group, along with ongoing promotional materials.

From there, make sure to use your unique link to promote the products and programs, and you will get paid every 14 days! Payments are made through PayPal, which you will connect through your Affiliate Dashboard.


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