You CAN Find Sustainable Weight Loss, Improve Health, and Achieve Nutritional PEACE ... By Learning How to Correctly Implement the Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle!

The Fast To Heal Jumpstart Challenge will give you hope and direction, even if... 

    • You feel completely overwhelmed when it comes to your health
    • You have tried endless weight-loss programs and lifestyle changes, without sustainable results
    • You have weight-cycled for months, years, or decades
    • You have been told your health issues are progressive and cannot be reversed

    The Fast To Heal 10-Day Jumpstart Challenge Is For You If...

      • You are new to intermittent fasting and want to learn how to implement the lifestyle effectively for the best outcomes
      • You have tried to implement intermittent fasting in the past, but have been unsuccessful, or "fallen off the wagon"
      • You have not seen the progress you wanted to after implementing intermittent fasting
      • You have struggled with gaining weight or have weight cycled for many years
      • Standard Nutritional Guidelines have failed you, maybe multiple times
      • You have pre-diabetes, Type 2 diabetes or metabolic illness
      • You suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or fertility issues
      • You are fed up with counting calories or macronutrients
      • You struggle with food cravings and feel out of control when eating
      • You experience digestive stress
      • You have no idea what "diet" or nutritional guidelines to follow
      • You crave a safe community of people who will encourage and lift you up
      • You wish you had a mentor to show you the path to work through nutritional challenges and setbacks

    The 10-Day Jumpstart is Self-Paced and Can BE Implemented at ANY TIME

    If you are thinking, "Yes! That is exactly with I struggle with right now!"

    Then this challenge is for YOU!

    I will guide our through this jumpstart and show you simple and effective strategies to finally achieve nutritional peace, once and for all.

    Imagine what life could look like just 10 short days from now...

    You deserve to be happy and healthy!

    You deserve to pass on truthful information regarding food and nutrition to your family and friends.

    You deserve to start a new chapter in your story.

    Join the Jumpstart TODAY.

    Better yet, JOIN WITH FRIENDS!


    • Daily Accountability Calendar With Tasks to Complete
    • Daily Emails to Educate you About Each Task 
    • Education on How to Successfully Implement Intermittent Fasting to Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss and Healing
    • Education About What to Eat in the Feasting Window
    • Free Digital Copy of Shana's Book, Fast To Heal, a 5-Step Guide to Achieving Nutritional PEACE
    • Optional Discounted Download of Shana's Fast To Heal Workbook
    • Optional Highly Discounted Virtual Personalized Session with Shana to be purchased at checkout (additional cost)
    • FREE Support Group Access


    Our current food system and conventional recommendations make weight loss and reversing chronic illness REALLY hard.


    We need to go back to the basics, before good health became complicated. I teach you how to do that!

    No Supplements. No Counting.
    No Special Foods.

    The 10-Day Jumpstart Program is based on the science behind intermittent fasting laid out in Shana's Best Selling book, Fast To Heal. The digital download is included with your jumpstart program, and will be sent to you upon registration.

    Each day you will work on a task and learn why it is important to implement it in order to find long-term success. In addition, you will gain knowledge about the foods that drive obesity and illness and the foods that promote fullness and healing.

    A place to share your struggles, find support, and ask for advice.

    Lots of wins and celebrations!

    Normal, everyday people who have the same goals as you!

    Meet Shana

    I've Got Your Back!

    Shana Hussin is a RDN, registered dietitian nutritionist, with 20 years of experience in the nutrition field. Unfortunately, like most practitioners, she was taught and recommended many concepts that did not lead to sustainable results for much of her career. Thankfully, she dug deep to unravel the truth that leads to hormonal balance, weight loss and health improvement.

    Shana is the author of Fast To Heal, A 5-Step Guide to Achieving Nutritional PEACE that was the #1 New Best Seller in Diet Therapy in its first week on Amazon.

    Shana and her husband live in Wisconsin with their 3 awesome children.

    You can begin your Jumpstart NOW!