#rockstardellitaliano Fumetto Circle

1 comic. 5 weeks. 5 live online sessions.

Let's make an engaging immersion into the Italian language with comics.

You will...

  • read an Italian comic
  • get prompts and questions before each session
  • speak about the comic

Together with other folks fond of the Italian language and its comic culture.

And of course with me. :-)

For a total of 5 sessions, we read a number of pages of a comic. Then we meet online every week to talk about it in Italian. 

And you will be added to a WhatsApp group, where you can ask questions, share your thoughts and stay up to date. 

What are the benefits of joining the Circle? 

  • You will step out of your comfort zone by reading real life Italian conversations in a rich story context. This will skyrocket your reading skills and vocabulary.

  • You will speak about something you enjoy and improve your speaking skills.

  • You will practice reading on your own, at your own pace independently.

  • You get to share your opinions about the pages read and the language used in the comic.

  • You will learn about Italy's rich comic tradition going back over a century.

  • You will meet other Italian and comic aficionados.

Who is this Circle for?

  • You are not a total beginner. You speak at minimum at a upper-beginner/lower-intermediate level.

  • You love or, at least, enjoy comics.

  • You have time to read a given number of pages before each session.

  • You are ready to enter the #rockstardellitaliano hall of fame. :-)

The comic we have read during the first edition

A clairvoyant claims she can predict Diabolik's next robbery. Is it just an act of unselfishness, or what is the clairvoyant aiming for?

You don't know Diabolik? Listen to my podcast episode 26 to get an idea about this best-selling Italian comic series.

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    The Italian Coach

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