The 12-week educational and group coaching course to improve your health and take control of your fertility using nutrition and lifestyle.

Are you struggling to get pregnant?

Do you have that overpowering urge to have a baby?

Maybe you’re tired of pregnancy announcements happening for everyone but you…

Perhaps you are considering IVF or have already tried it without any luck.

You might have even suffered the devastating misfortune of a loss, or multiple losses.

If this is you then you are in the right place to get some true help and support.

I am Katy Bradbury, registered nurse and nutritional therapist. I remember exactly what it felt like when I couldn’t get pregnant. I always wanted to be a mother, that urge is at my very core, but I waited until the right time. Got my nursing career into a stable place, got a house, got married. When the time was finally right to start trying for a baby, I was so excited! But then it just didn’t happen. A year went by and then two, Drs said my tests were normal, and I spiralled into anxiety and depression. I had irregular cycles after coming off the pill and I didn’t understand how I could get them back into gear. I remember sometimes getting early pregnancy symptoms and being SO convinced this was it, but it was negative test after negative test, and every time my period came I would feel devastated. When I trained in nutritional therapy I learnt about the impact that diet and lifestyle could have on reproductive health. But it was only when I finally said enough is enough and took the time and energy to prioritise myself and my own health, to slow down, to understand my body and the messages it was telling me, that something finally CLICKED and I got pregnant just before my first IVF appointment!

Since then I have dedicated my practice to supporting other couples to get their dream of becoming pregnant. In 2020 I spent an additional year doing a specialist training course on top of my other qualifications in fertility nutrition. So although I am a firm believer that you NEVER stop learning, I am pleased to be in a position of having an in depth knowledge of fertility and the many things that can impact it, and a comprehensive understanding of how to support the body to do what it wants to do at one of its core biological functions: to reproduce!

We know that many processes in the body take 3-4 months to see a difference. For example the life cycle of a red blood cell is around 3 months, and eggs and sperm take a similar time to mature. This means that by completing this course and implementing the advice, your body will be in a far stronger place to support healthy reproduction.

If you’re not sure where to go next to improve your chances of having a healthy pregnancy then this is for you.

If you’re overwhelmed by what you should or shouldn’t be doing, let alone how to actually put those changes into practice then this is for you.



Most of us know the kinds of things we could be doing to improve our health - eat better, exercise more etc. But putting those things into practice is often the difficult bit. The Foundations for Fertility course offers you:

  • Lifetime access to tailor made and comprehensive information specifically to support reproductive health delivered in fortnightly online modules

  • Weekly Q&A and group coaching sessions to support you every step of the way of making the changes you will learn about in the modules

  • A private Facebook Group just for the course members to support one another, celebrate wins and help you through any hurdles. Those of you who completed the 5 Day Sugar Reset Challenge will know how powerful this is!

  • The chance to receive FIVE incredible bonuses worth as much as the course itself!

  • A 10% discount on all of my 1:1 services should you wish to invest in further support.

MODULE 1: It starts with the gut

  • Discover why gut health is always the first place to start when addressing fertility
  • Identifying and addressing intolerances
  • Learn about the connections between the gut and hormones, mood and the immune system and how it relates to fertility

MODULE 2: Nutrition fundamentals for fertility

  • Learn about what kind of diet is best for fertility and why
  • Discover the specific nutrients needed for reproductive health
  • Why blood sugar balance is essential for a healthy pregnancy
  • *Mini bonus* 3x meal plans included for healthy hormones, stress reduction and the fertile vegetarian

MODULE 3: The impact of stress on fertility and what we can do about it

  • Learn some of the biological mechanisms linking stress and fertility including the role of the adrenal glands, how we process stress hormones, and how your personality type could be contributing
  • Unlock your mindset superpower using a range of tools

MODULE 4: Male reproduction - Sperm health

  • Why male fertility really matters (even if the doctors said it’s fine)
  • How to best support sperm health with diet and lifestyle
  • The often overlooked trick to do every day

MODULE 5: Female reproduction - Egg and vaginal health

  • Why the health of your vagina can be the missing link when it comes to fertility
  • Why AMH is just a number and how we can make what’s there count when it comes to your eggs and ovaries

MODULE 6: Lifestyle considerations

  • What kind of movement and exercise should I be doing?
  • The importance of sleep for fertility and how to improve it
  • Exposure to toxins: What to look out for and how to support your body’s natural ability to detox

In addition to the above modules, the weekly group coaching and Q&A sessions will be there to help and support you implement what you have learnt and overcome any obstacles.

BONUS 1: Basic supplement review call with me (ONLY for those who sign up within 48 hours of Masterclass) WORTH £79

BONUS 2: Customised low impact strength workout from Kelly Bedford of Fitness Fox London plus Q&A via Zoom WORTH £79

BONUS 3: Pre-recorded Fertility yoga session with Alex from Yogalex Flow Fertility WORTH £79

BONUS 4: Series of short guided meditations working on mindset, relaxation, self compassion, building positive relationships with food, and stress reduction WORTH £59

BONUS 5: Acupressure points and Traditional Chinese Medicine for fertility worksheet from Isobel Matheson (fertility Acupuncturist) WORTH £29


I created this course because I wanted to offer something to people who can’t necessarily afford or aren’t ready to work with me 1:1. I have the in depth knowledge and tools to support people with their fertility and want to be able to reach as many people as possible to support them to make their dreams of having a baby come true just like mine did. 

This is a BRAND NEW course for 2021 and because of that I am delivering it for a very small group only meaning you get much more focused support. It will be run a few times per year, but as this is the very first one, I am doing it for you at a discount of more than HALF PRICE. 

In return I ask that you give me comprehensive feedback on the course and a detailed testimonial that I can use to show future participants just how valuable it is. 

For the June 2021 course, I am running it at just £249! [NORMAL PRICE WILL BE £499]

That is the equivalent of a cup of coffee a day to enable you to access in depth information about all of the Fundamentals for Fertility. 

A cup of coffee a day to get weekly group support to help you on your journey to motherhood. 

A cup of coffee a day to feel completely empowered and able to take back control of your health and fertility. 


Here are some FAQs:

  • What is the weekly time commitment? The course will be delivered online in 6 fortnightly modules which will be 60-90 minutes each. As well as this you have the option of joining the weekly group coaching and Q&A sessions which will take place live in the private Facebook group.

  • When does it start? The course will begin on Thursday 3rd June 2021 and run for 12 weeks

  • What if I miss the weekly coaching calls? These will be accessible within the Facebook group and anyone who can’t attend but has comments or questions can pop them in the group and I will cover them in the session for them to catch up on.

  • How long will I have access to the course? The online modules will give you lifetime access. The Facebook group can either be archived at the end or continue if you wish to stay in touch as a small group.

  • Will I get pregnant? This course is intended to educate you on the steps to take to improve your overall health, with a focus on reproductive health. If you follow all of the guidance and participate actively, you will see a difference in your energy, sleep, hormones and overall wellbeing. These things will all work together to improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy.

  • Does the course include 1:1 support? Sadly I cannot offer 1:1 support without doing a comprehensive consultation with you as I do with my clients because it would be unsafe for me to give individualised advice without knowing your full case history. However, anyone who signs up for the course by 6pm on Saturday 8th May will get the Basic supplement call bonus which will be a 1:1 session.

Will the course cover specific conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, hypothyroidism etc? This course is about addressing the foundations for fertility and in doing this, the body is often supported back into balance. The course does not have a specific focus on particular health conditions.