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This bi-weekly newsletter shows you how to improve your communication. 

For anyone who wants to boost sales, engage their audience online or just have more productive conversations.

Are your great ideas are getting lost?

If you're trying to make an impact at work or build a personal brand online, 

it's not enough anymore to just share content. 

We are OVERLOADED with information.

You need to go a step further...

You need to crystallise ideas and make them engaging and relatable.

Communication can be learned

Some people dismiss effective communication as a talent. 

"You either got it or you don't"

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

I struggled for most of my life to make the impact I wanted. I felt that I had something to share, but for some reason I could never make an impression on others. 

Journeys in communication

In my late twenties I discovered the art of public speaking and storytelling. 

Now I train teams and individuals to overcome the barriers that stop them from getting their message across.

I study everything from negotiation to marketing to sales

to find fresh insights into how we can all communicate more effectively.

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