How It Works

    Today, more than ever we are having an increase in new hires for the position of principal. A few years ago I embarked upon a journey to land my first principalship.  After countless hours of research, courses, and interviews I was able to not only become a principal but a mentor and coach in the process, I developed my very own administrative coaching company, Principalnerd & Edcoaching Tools I focus on coaching aspiring administrators to land their dream job and provided mentorship for their onboarding years in their new roles. 

     During the upcoming weeks, I will be hosting an Aspiring Principal preparation challenge to inspire you to land that principal job you desire. Monday, May 7, 2018, I will officially be launching the #FUTUREPRINCIPAL Challenge!  I want YOU to join me!
    The #FUTUREPRINCIPAL challenge is a week long interactive preparation experience, geared towards leaders of all skill levels. The #FUTUREPRINCIPAL challenge purpose is to pull valuable components needed to take aspiring principals from aspiring to principal. During the #FUTUREPRINCIPAL challenge, I will host live streams, provide detailed action steps and cultivate a supportive community, focused on reaching your career goals and maybe even give away a few freebies!

The early bird cost to participate in the #FUTUREPRINCIPAL challenge is $97 (reg. $149).  The last day to sing up is Friday, May 4th!


What’s included:

  • 7 days of information targeted towards nailing your administrative interview
  • Free Facebook group for networking with other leaders and Q&A
  • Freebies
  • Live Stream Webinar
  • Bonus Add Ons


To reserve your space, simply fill out the info above and let’s get ready to work!



7 Day Challenge

Day 1

Research your potential employeer

Day 2

Know your data!

Day 3

Dust off your resume

Day 4

Prepare for your interview

Day 5

Questions to ask

Day 6

Sell Yourself

Day 7

Seal the Deal