Some Rave Reviews

Satellite Of Love

"This book had me from the very first page. I love the author's snappy, sarcastic voice. It had me laughing through most of the book! The hero is drool-worthy, and I adored the heroine. The sexual chemistry between the two popped off the page. What I liked best is how the author gave the characters time to get to know each other before they fell head-over-heels in love."

Send Me An Angel

"Wow, loved this story. I didn't know who to care about more--Alan or Angie. maybe Marty was really the angel of the story, lol. Can't wait for the next story in the series."

Three Alarm Tenant

"I have a soft spot for hero stories and this was a nice one. Christa has a knack for writing the awkward stilted dialogue of a young woman who doesn’t
know how to have a conversation with a male. I thought it was brilliant."

Try a Little Tenderness

"Very heartwarming romantic journey filled with witty banter, interesting  charters, secret pasts and new beginnings, not to mention slow burning passion..... was a great read that had me hooked from beginning to end and ready for more from this series."

Weaver's Circle Boxed Set 2

"This three book box set will give the reader hours of reading pleasure! Each and every book in this wonderful collection had great character and storyline development which kept me totally captivated as I read each book in this box set!"

Rushing the Passer

"Intriguing good sports romance story. Entertaining, good chemistry with the characters."

Protecting Lucy

"Beautifully written storyline that pulled me right into the story from the very beginning and the characters were so well developed that I felt like I was standing in a room watching as the story unfolded between these two broken characters!"