Professor Patrick Parkinson AM

Client Intake

The importance of client intake, and why you should not give advice on percentages at the initial consultation.  If you would like a free copy of the webinar and the paper that he shared then please sign up to our mailing list, you will automatically receive the webinar materials.

Janis Donnelly-Coode

Feeling heard

If someone asked your clients to describe you, would they say that you really listened to them?  

We know that you are listening but the data that we collect as family lawyers can seem dry and irrelevant.  This makes the client feel that you have not heard them, or at least have not heard what is important.  How can your workflow help your client to feel that you have truly heard them?

Janis Donnelly-Coode

Our chat bot

Did you know that your FamilyProperty subscription come swith a free chat bot?  Do you know what to do with your Legal Bot?  Did you know that you can quickly set up your Legal Bot to take details from a client and open a matter inside Family Property for you?  Watch the webinar to find out more.

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