7 Ways You Might Be 

Poisoning Your Child's Faith

A 7 Day Devotional to help you guide your family toward authentic faith

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I hesitated giving this devotional the title "7 Ways You Might be Poisoning Your Child's Faith." It felt like throwing gas on a fire. But this is so important I decided to do it. 

Our kids' eternities are at stake, not to mention the relationships we have with them right now. 

The format for this guide is a daily devotional email for seven days (although Day 1 has a Fast Track option to get all the devotionals at once if you prefer). Each devotional consists of a short reading followed by reflection questions designed to help you guide your child toward faith.  

I write/create articles, books, videos, songs, radio drama and even a musical aimed at helping young and old develop authentic faith in God. I also keep an eye out for what other people are doing who are trying to accomplish the same goal. 

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Authentic Faith. Full Life. Hope for the Future.