Fertility Optimization Method with Dr. Taddiken

7 Day Fertility Boosting Meal Plan

Healthy Body = Healthy Baby

Just like a garden flourishes in healthy soil and begins with quality seeds, your journey towards a healthy baby also begins well before implantation even occurs.  We need to have healthy and fertile "soil" for that little one to have its best start in life.  

That's why I'm offering part of my Fertility Optimization Method as a gift when you sign up for my newsletter.  You will get a 7-day meal plan of the best fertility boosting meals.  If you truly want to become your healthiest before pregnancy, or you have had trouble conceiving already, learn about the full Fertility Optimization Program Dr. Taddiken offers.  A full meal plan is a part of that entire 4-6 month program!

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About Dr. Elizabeth Taddiken

Dr. Taddiken is a licensed Naturopathic Physician with a focus on Women's Health, Fertility, and Pediatrics. It is her passion and joy to see her patient’s health improve with the gentlest treatments available. When assessing her patient’s health, she is always taking a “Root-Cause” approach. That is finding the root of the concern, removing the obstacles that are blocking healing, and providing what the body is missing in order to heal.  Are you ready to heal from a chronic condition, or looking for guidance as you start living a healthier lifestyle?  Dr. Taddiken is ready to help you every step of the way!