May 4—July 26, 2020

School For Magical Purpose: Initiation

You can create the life you want

You can let go of toxic beliefs and dogma that are holding you back from being who you really are. 

You can sharpen your intuition to make divinely guided choices that are right for you.

You can handle crisis with ease and grace.

You can trust your deepest desires.

You can follow your heart's path with power and confidence

You can build a spirituality that that radically improves your life.

We are in a time of rapid change. The old systems and structures we’ve relied upon for support are rapidly breaking down. In the midst of the chaos, we can hear the possibility of something new longing to be born.

There are so many voices, systems, and ideologies telling us it can't be done. Telling you that you don't have what it takes. But I know that's not true. 

I believe you are here because you have purpose. You chose to be born during this time. You have a valuable gift to offer the world. I’m here to help you develop it with wisdom, compassion, and skillful power.

Join me for the inaugural School for Magical Purpose course, Initiation: A 12 Week Journey Through Death and Rebirth

Initiation Into Magical Purpose is a 12 week course that will help you:

—Find calm, groundedness, clarity, and HOPE in the midst of crisis and chaos

—Journey deep within yourself to find your hidden gifts and powers

—Develop a healthy sense of sovereignty and adult relationsip with God, Jesus, or any other spirits you have a relationsip with

—Gain practical tools to create the life you desire and co-create a better world for all of us

—Step forward into your unique purpose and leadership that is desperately needed right now

Content includes:

—What is initiation? How does it differ from the hero’s journey?

—The difference between mysticism and magic (and why we need both)

—A look at initiation through ancient myths of death and rebirth, primarily The Descent of Inanna and the Christ story

—Why we need the wisdom of darkness as well as light

—How to cultivate and trust your intuition

—Why desire is essential to understanding purpose

—Why we ALL have a vital role to play at this moment in time

—How to build a relationship to spirit allies- deities, ancestors, and nature spirits

—How to develop tools and practices for discernment and manifestation (ie, the magical stuff)


—Guided meditations, ritual, visioning, and journaling exercises

—A community of support 

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Foundations and Overview

Heading 2

Course Outline

Week 1: Centering yourself

  • Getting other voices out of your head and finding your own
  • Cultivating intuition
  • The difference between a hero’s journey and initiation

Week 2: Original Blessing

  • Trusting your inherent value and worth as a baseline
  • Looking at the story of Inanna vs Jesus- How was the Christian story, shaped, how has it affected our culture, and how can we reclaim what we’re missing?
  • Banishing old beliefs, doctrines, and dogmas that aren’t working but may have a psychic or energetic hold on you

Week 3: Spirit Allies

  • What are Gods and Deities — and why should we bother with them?
  • Establishing sovereignty: reclaiming agency and boundaries with spirits and deities (including the ones you grew up with)
  • Receiving practical guidance and assistance from spirits

Week 4: The Great Below

  • Beginning our descent to the underworld with Inanna
  • Why we love to f*#k up our lives
  • Astrology Tarot, and other tools for divination

Week 5: Getting Naked

  • What is the ego?
  • Letting go of what’s holding us back
  • How to trust things will be okay when you have no idea what the hell is going on

Week 6: The Problem of Pain

  • Can we eliminate suffering? Should we even try?
  • Empathy and witnessing
  • Finding purpose in pain

Week 7: Calling in the Ancestors

  • Why should we care about our ancestors
  • Honoring and healing the past
  • Making contact and receiving assistance

Week 8: The Gifts of Darkness

  • Why our greatest gifts are intertwined with our greatest fears
  • Confronting shame to liberate desire —and purpose
  • How to work with difficult emotions

Week 9: Rising in Power

  • The problem of power and why it scares us
  • Why there’s no “power together” without “power over” AND “power under”
  • How to wield a double-edged sword

Week 10: Cultivating Compassion and Wisdom

  • Why making mistakes is the best thing we can do
  • Healing resentment with pleasure and desire
  • Cultivating emotional and energetic states that foster creativity and abundance

Week 11: Collaborating With Earth Spirits

  • Why healing ourselves requires healing the earth
  • Locating ourselves in place and ecosystem
  • Contacting plant and earth spirits and beginning to work with them

Week 12: Stepping Forth in Purpose

  • Trusting your desire
  • Choosing collaborators wisely
  • Discerning your next steps


My name is Rebekah Berndt

I’m a healer, psychic, astrologer, writer, and spiritual director. 

I’ve had to lose my religion, find my own community of soul-friends and co-conspirators, and create my own spirituality.

Through it all, I’ve learned to reconnect with the wisdom of my body and my spirit. I’ve learned to cultivate and trust my intuition. And most importantly, I’ve learned to listen to and align with my deepest desires and purpose.


Participation is capped at 30, so reserve your spot now

Classes begin Monday, May 5 at 6-8 pm ET and run weekly to July 20. All classes are via zoom and will be recorded for those who cannot attend live. 

Option 1

School For Magical Purpose: Initiation (12 week course only)

Initiation 12 week course, May 4, 2020—July 26, 2020

—12 live classes via Zoom (recordings will be made available)

—Meditation, visioning, and journaling exercises and resources for further study

—Private Facebook Group for support and questions

Option 2

School For Magical Purpose: Initiation 1:1 Package ($918 Value)

Additional support for those wanting to go deeper. Only 9 packages available.

—Everything in Option 1

—1 90-minute Psychic Aura reading and healing

—1 60 minute natal chart reading

—1 60 minute coaching/integration session

Installment Plan (Course only)

Installment Plan (1:1 Package)

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