From Hurting to Healing starts 9th November 2021

Do you feel stuck in your healing journey due to trapped emotions?

You see repeating patterns in your life and body and can’t seem to break through them, even with help from external sources.

Does your body's reaction from the past hold you back from living your life to the fullest?

Your body is telling you something is wrong either through pain, illness, resistance or some kind of internal message linked to past events, but you don't know how to show your body that things have changed.

Does it feel like you’ve tried everything else and hit a dead end?

You feel like you’ve read every book, watched every YouTube video and tried every type of therapy and yet you still find yourself in the same place – still stuck.

If you’ve spent lots of time trying to overcome your struggles with self-loathing, shame, guilt, fear, anxiety and your internal self critical voice and after spending countless hours in therapy – and what feels like an endless amount of money – you still haven’t been able to move past it, then you are in the right place.

My work is all about empowering you and getting you RESULTS in the GENTLEST and most POWERFUL way possible.

Want to know what my Somatic Imagery healing method looks like? Click HERE to watch a short demo video: (Client consent has been obtained to share this video)

(NOTE : It is normal to cry during the process of change. Please don't worry, the client was happy and light immediately after this intense release. Crying allows emotions trapped in the body to release when they are shed in a healing space)   

The Course: From Hurting to Healing in 5 weeks

My course From Hurting to Healing is packed with content that will help you get unstuck. You will learn to work with some of the healing pathways that humanity has honed for centuries but which have been forgotten in modern times. You will come out of the course with actual skills and techniques to release trapped energy which is the underlying cause of depression, anxiety, chronic illness, body pain, recurring infections, fear based thinking and other dysfunctional behaviour patterns.

What you’ll learn to master in from hurting to healing in 5 weeks:

  • Becoming your own personal healer

  • Discovering your innate wisdom

  • Reconnecting with your body and learning its language

  • Changing your relationship with your body so you can work as a team

  • Unlocking your ability to communicate with your body and helping it to heal itself

  • How to release trapped energy in the body

  • Finding and clearing the root of the issue rather than working only at the symptomatic level

  • How to stop repeating patterns in your life

  • How to clear energy and emotions from the past without revisiting painful and traumatic events

  • How to stop passing on intergenerational trauma

How Will This Course Be Delivered?

✔ Tuesday: Facebook lives at 6PM UK time (available on replay if you miss it)

✔ Sunday: 2 hours practical training session on Zoom. 2 slots for this training to suit different time zones, one at 5AM UK TIME another at 5PM UK time

✔ Written material provided weekly

The 2 hour weekly practical training is required to transfer the healing skills. 

If you’re worried about time commitments, just ask yourself this one question: 

Is learning to become your own healer and move 'from hurting to healing' worth it to you?


When does the Course start and what does it cost?

✔ This round of 'From hurting to healing' in 5 weeks will begin on 9 November 2021.

✔ The course costs £750/-.  There are instalment options and bonuses for payment in FULL.

(Converted to some other currencies - USD 1050, EURO 890, AUD 1400,  SGD 1400 - Yes, you can pay in local currency, just message me for your custom link).

What Is The Structure of the Course?

Each week we will have a different focus and time to put our learnings into practice.

Week 1

THEORY - Understanding the body, What IS the relationship between energy, emotions and your body? Building foundational skills.

PRACTICAL - Therapeutic experience of Somatic Imagery work in a safe group setting.

Week 2

THEORY - Accessing, communicating and understanding your body's wisdom and needs and learning to meet them. An affirmative commitment to your personal growth, building courage.

PRACTICAL - Therapeutic Somatic Imagery work in a safe group setting and starting to work with it.

Week 3

THEORY - The mechanics of releasing trapped emotions from your body through Somatic Imagery.

PRACTICAL - Practical experience of self led Somatic Imagery work in a safe group setting with supervision and guidance.

Week 4

THEORY - Alternative ways to use Somatic Imagery and Building compassion.

PRACTICAL - Practicing alternative ways of self led Somatic Imagery work in a safe group setting with supervision and guidance.

Week 5

THEORY - Exploring concepts around surrender/anger and how to use them in Somatic Imagery. How to protect yourself while healing.

 PRACTICAL - Finally practicing the FULL routine of Somatic Imagery on oneself in a safe group setting.

By taking this course you will also get the following:

  • Direct access to me in the group during the 5-week course

  • Access to my Facebook group community

  • Access to ongoing support from me in the Facebook group even after the 5-week course finishes

  • Community support not just from me but from fellow course members

  • Practical sessions 2x every week to accommodate different time zones (choose one)

  • Written course material for each of the 5 weeks

  • Access to recorded videos (if you didn’t get to see them live)

  • BONUS #1: Anyone who signs up to the early bird offer available until 31st October 2021, will get a FREE resit on the course (worth £750).

  • BONUS #2: If you pay in full, you get a 1:1 individually hand-held practical session with me for FREE (value £400)

Before you go any further, I need to make a few things clear. This course is not about me taking you treating you. This course is about me helping you learn how to go 'from Hurting to Healing'. This means you can apply and reapply the techniques whenever you need them in life. You won’t need to come back to classes/therapies every-time something happens. You’ll be able to help yourself. But as already mentioned, it will take some time commitment on your behalf for you to learn it all.


✔ You are ready to become your own healer and learn HOW to work through and release stuck emotions from your body

✔ You are ready to learn a powerful tool that will heal you from trapped emotions in your body

✓ You are willing to put in the time over 5 weeks to learn and master the powerful and effective techniques in this program

✓ You are ready to let go of repeating patterns that have been keeping you feeling stuck

✓ You are done feeling stuck in the past and are ready to move on with your life, once and for all

✓ You are ready to learn in a gentle and supportive environment

✔ You are ready to invest the time to learn how to heal yourself


✓ You are someone who wants the work done for you

✓ You don’t have the ability to commit 3 hours a week for the the next 5 weeks to your self healing journey

✓ You are not ready to take back your own power

✓ You are willing to stay stuck in your current repeating patterns

✓ You do not want to learn how to become your own healer

✓ You are happy to constantly rely on external help when you feel stuck

If you are ready to move into the YOU that feels unstuck, empowered, free and full of life, join this round of Release trapped emotions through Somatic Imagery and you won’t look back! Click the link below to sign-up today!

This round of 'From hurting to healing' begins on 9 November 2021 and finishes before Christmas. (Do you want to feel differently this christmas?)

Don’t miss out! Sign up for just £750 and receive a skill that will serve you for a LIFETIME.

Remember, by joining the 'Learn to Release Trapped emotions in 5 weeks Course' you’ll get:

  • Weekly training lessons on ZOOM available to watch LIVE or on replay packed with practical content

  • Weekly practice sessions in Zoom to apply what you have learned and to ask me any questions

  • Access to my supportive Facebook Group for questions and support

  • Direct access to me, Prabha, during the 5 week course

  • The ability to become your own self healer and finally part ways with what has been keeping you stuck for years

And don't’ forget the BONUSES:

  • A COMPLETELY FREE resit for a future round of 'From hurting to healing' course rounds (if you sign up before 31st October 2021)

  • A FREE 1:1 individually hand-held practical session with me if you pay in full (value of £400)

You’ve spent enough time feeling stuck and looking for the answers only to be left right where you are now. It’s time to get OUT of the REPEATING patterns and learn to heal yourself.

If you are ready (and I think you are), click a link below and let me help you reach the climax of your healing journey. Remember, if you sign up before 31st October 2021 on the course starting on 9 November 2021, you’ll get a COMPLETELY FREE resits on this course!

Still unsure if 'From hurting to healing' is right for you? Book in a free call with me and let’s find out if my course is a good fit for you.

Need more reasons to work with me? Here are just a few of the things other people have said about working with me...

“I've suffered from anxiety and depression for just over a year now, and had a session with Prabs last week when things felt a little overwhelming.

I can honestly say I would recommend Prabs healing to anybody in a similar situation! She is so gentle and nurturing, yet the work is so powerful.

I left the session feeling immediately lighter, and over the next few days had a sense of calm wash over me.

I felt that it gave me the space I needed to get perspective on my thoughts and get back some control.

I’m so grateful to know you Prabs, you're so caring and talented... Thank you <3


“I suffered from pain in my back and arm for many years and had to have surgery to sever nerves in my spine due to intense pain.

It is a pity I didn't know about Prabs work at that time because in just a few sessions my back pain is 90% better and the 10% when it flares up I know exactly why it is and what I can do to fix it. Incredible to believe the power of her work where years of chronic pain has been lifted in just a few sessions."

“I can't believe how powerful this work is, I haven't experienced anything like this before even though I have been on my healing journey for decades! I can finally move my HIPS, it has been numb since I was a child!”


Or as the lovely Tess put it in my interview:

"Prabs is the REAL DEAL! I have tried SO MANY different healing methods and her method is one of the quickest and longest lasting roads to healing that I've experienced. In fact, it's what got me off sugar last time and made me more fearless to share. The session had so many unexpected benefits, I can't even list them all AND they still keep coming".