What Is Gateway to Homeopathy I?

Gateway to Homeopathy I is a guided study group curriculum developed by professional homeopath Joette Calabrese. It is an 8-week course that was created specifically with beginners in mind and digs into both the classical and practical forms of homeopathy.

During this course, you will be empowered to take charge of your family's health care. You will gain the knowledge and confidence to begin treating yourself and your family's acute and chronic conditions with these gentle and safe homeopathic medicines. And you will develop a support group of like-minded individuals who you can rely on to help you when you just don't know what to do.

Who would benefit from taking this course?

  • A person who enjoys learning about non-traditional forms of health care
  • Anyone looking to take control of their own and/or their family's health
  • Those who feel prescription drugs are being over-prescribed and are concerned with the growing list of side-effects
  • Someone with illness or disease that has been told they "just have to live with it" and "manage it" because there's "no cure"
  • A person with illness or disease that has "tried everything" and been unsuccessful
  • Health care practitioners who are interested in learning what homeopathy is/is not and why more of their patients are using this method of healing

What do you get when taking this course?

  • 173 page Gateway to Homeopathy study guide
  • Live teaching session with Joette Calabrese
  • 15 video presentations
  • Discounts on future courses
  • Access to Joette's online community
  • Certificate of completion
  • Discounts on homeopathic remedies from a professional homeopathic pharmacy

What are the details?

As I stated above, this curriculum is an 8-week curriculum designed to be studied in a group setting. However, I have extended the study group out to 10 weeks (see the section below for more details).

All classes are scheduled for 2 hours one day per week. Many times we cover the material in less than the time allotted. The day and time we set aside for the class will be voted upon by the group and scheduled at least 2 weeks prior to the start date.

Cost of taking the course with me is $75. This includes $20/person I pay directly to Joette's office upon scheduling the live Q&A call. This DOES NOT include the cost of the course material which you will purchase directly through Joette's website.

Week 1

Introduction to Zoom Video Conferencing and personal introductions.

Weeks 2-4

3 weeks studying classical homeopathy

Week 5

Discussion of the pre-recorded Q&As with Joette Calabrese

Week 6-8

3 weeks studying Practical Homeopathy

Week 9

Live Q&A with Joette Calabrese

Week 10

Makeup class

Who am I?

My name is Dr. Kristi R. Corder, and I am a wife, mommy to 3, chiropractor, educator, and health consultant. I found Joette's study group curriculum shortly after being diagnosed with anaphylactic-like reactions to many foods. As a chiropractor who lives a pretty healthy lifestyle, I refused to believe I was going to have to end up carrying around an epi-pen for the rest of my life. That's when a friend suggested I look into homeopathy for treatment.

After being introduced to Joette, reading her blogs, and listening to her podcasts, I realized my knowledge of homeopathy was very limited. I wanted to take a few of her courses but felt I needed to get more of the basics first. That's when I decided to lead my very first study group at my home following her Gateway to Homeopathy curriculum.

The first study group was just a stepping stone of what was to come. I became a client of Joette's. I started healing from my food allergies and other medical issues. I've led 3 study groups at my home and more than 30 study groups online. I've encouraged past participants to lead study groups of their own. I created a private Facebook group where graduates from my personal study groups as well as the study groups they lead come together to continue learning and helping each other through our homeopathic journeys. I've continued my studies in homeopathy while consulting with numerous people who want to heal their bodies through the use of this natural medicine.

I'm a teacher at heart, and I just really love and enjoy guiding people through this life-changing curriculum. Many people join the study group time and time again because they learn something they might have missed the first time. They also enjoy our group time together and want to share their successes, failures, and knowledge with others who have a similar health care philosophy.

"Kristi Corder, our group leader, was amazing! I am brand new to homeopathy and did not understand it. Kristi answered me, and everyone else's, questions patiently, gracefully, and knowledgeably and often times with humor. If she did not know the answer, she researched it and answered it on the facebook page. She was organized and followed through with everything she said she would do in a timely manner. I feel blessed that I took her class and would do it again."
-- Peggy N.

"Kristi is an outstanding instructor, with an extensive knowledge in homeopathy and many other natural health subjects. She indulges questions and isn't afraid to say she doesn't know the answer, but will find it. When she does, she shares the answer with all. Kristi is incredibly generous with her time and knowledge. I'll take her classes every time they fit in my schedule."

-- Kathy D.

What are the benefits of taking this course with me rather than taking it on your own?

  • Experience - Having led many previous study groups in a variety of settings, I have come to figure out some of the most effective and efficient ways to teach this course.
  • Credentials - As a health care professional, I share additional medical knowledge in class that you may find helpful when learning and trying to remember the info Joette provides throughout her course.
  • Consults - You will have access to me throughout the entire course to assist you in selecting the appropriate homeopathic medicines for any acute illnesses that may arise in you or immediate family members. You will also have access to special GRADUATE ONLY pricing for consults with me regarding chronic illnesses after the course has ended.
  • Resources - I will provide you with additional resources that will aid you in your homeopathic studies.
  • Free access - If you decide to take the Gateway to Homeopathy I study group again, you can repeat the course with me for FREE as many times as you'd like. The only charge would be Joette's $20 fee if you decide to join the live Q&A call again, but it would not be REQUIRED a second time.
  • Private Facebook group for course participants (during the 10-week course)
  • Private Facebook group for course graduates (after completing the course)
  • Discounts on products and any future study groups I lead using Joette's other courses and curriculum.

"Kristi was great, always willing to help at any time. She was generous with her time and knowledge and was never rushing to get off the phone or cut anyone off. I will definitely do more study groups with her."

-- Alexandra R.

"Kristi's knowledge, friendliness and accessibility through the course were invaluable. She's great at encouraging participation and questions and even stuck around for Q&A time after each session. Her personal testimony of her health journey is likewise encouraging and inspiring. Would recommend this course with Kristi to anyone wanting to know more about homeopathy."

-- Jessica G.

Other helpful information

Zoom video conferencing allows for video and/or audio to be turned off. Think you will have loud kids in the background? No problem, you can mute your line. Need to put kids to bed? You can mute your line. Don't want to nurse your baby while on camera? Feel free to disable video, but know that we are a nursing-friendly group. Want to eat dinner? You can disable your video while you eat.

Zoom also provides us with a call in number. If you are going on a trip and riding in the car, you don't have to miss out! You can call in instead. Is your internet connection acting crazy one day? You can call in and still join us!

As I stated above, I schedule our class for 2 hours. If we get through the material in less than 2 hours, I stay on the call and answer any additional questions you may have about the current or past week's material. Some of our greatest learning has occurred during this additional time.

Every week I open up the class for participants to share their successes and failures. You may learn protocols and tips during this time that you won't find in the course material.

If you join us for the very first group call and decide that you do not want to take the course or it won't work well with your schedule, you have until 24 hours prior to the second class session to inform me in writing that you don't want to participate. You will receive a $75 refund within 24 hours. Refunds will not be provided after the second class session has begun.