Get Off the Blood Sugar Rollercoaster Pilot

Are you a Type 1 Diabetic, or Type 2 who takes insulin? 

If so, then you're familiar with the rollercoaster your blood sugar takes every day. From dawn phenomenon and chasing the high from this morning's bagel, all the way to eating the kitchen during a low, it seems like this is how it is for all diabetics. 

But it doesn't have to be!  

What This Course Will Provide

  • Information about what we really need to eat in order to maintain stable blood sugars
  • How to make your food choices a habit even during difficult circumstances
  • How to correct low blood sugars without eating the kitchen
  • How to fine-tune your basal rates and insulin correction factors on low-carb and intermittent fasting
  • A foundation for taking control of your blood sugars
  • Accountability, encouragement, and a kick in the butt (if you need it)

The Details

What: Pilot, or "first run" course 

When: February 10th, 2019

Duration: 6 weeks (through March 23, 2019)

Who: Type 1 Diabetics and Type 2 Diabetics who take insulin

Cost: $67 per participant 

Enrollment Limit: Cap of 20 students -- then waitlisted for the full course

Your Course Instructor

Colleen Mitchell has been a type 1 diabetic for over twenty years. 

She spent her life riding the rollercoaster of highs and lows, wondering every day if anything could help besides more insulin. In January 2016 she bit the bullet and began a low-carb lifestyle, immediately experiencing better blood sugars and seeing extra weight begin to melt off almost effortlessly. Three years later, she has lost 50+ pounds and reduced her A1c to 5.9%. 

She has made it one of her missions in life to educate others on the realities of type 1 diabetes and how others can change their lifestyles to take back their health.

She lives with her husband and cat near Seattle, WA.