When the Apocalypse finally came, the Travelers weren't so bad...

They didn't want to eat our brains.

They just wanted to get to Dallas.

Really badly.


Follow the crowd...

Everybody's going to Dallas. Are YOU?

When 80% of the human race starts migrating to a single point on the globe, failing medical student Rudy Deckart sets out across the disintegrating US to rescue his girlfriend, become a doctor, confront a murderous militia using the migration to start a new world order, and find a cure for the migration impulse that will save, or maybe destroy, humanity.

By the Time I Get to Dallas is a graphic novel miniseries written by a practicing emergency physician and drawn by seasoned comics artists, lead by penciler Juanfrancisco Moyano.

It is a medical coming-of-age story wrapped in an epic, apocalyptic adventure that is dark, funny, thrilling and unlike anything you’ve seen in a comic book before.

"Top notch writing and art completely delivers on the killer high concept.” -- Geoff Weber, The Scientists

Meet the Creator

I'm Colin Devonshire

I’m an emergency doctor who writes comic books. (That's me with my to do lists and my son Ezra, a budding comics maker himself.) Weird, right? Well, I wrote this comic, BY THE TIME I GET TO DALLAS, and I hooked up with an amazing art team led by Juanfrancisco Moyano, and we made issue number #1 and got it funded on Kickstarter. So there, now I’ve got a free book to give you!  Sign up here to get the FULL ISSUE #1 and then receive occasional updates about this comic series and other trouble we have brewing...

What if 80% of homo sapiens started traveling to one spot on the globe?

Book 1 Sample

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The Comic

By the Time I Get to Dallas Book 1

An ER doctor's apocalypse comic.The complete Book 1. 

Get started on the journey here. 

The Prequel

The Trinity Project Volume 1

Deep in the Texas dirt, the bones of the dead wait for someone to tell their story. The Dallas prequel webcomic, with art by Jacinto Jimenez.  

The Preview

By the Time I Get to Dallas Book 2 Preview

Book 2 is in production now but you can see a sneak preview already!

The Prodigy

The Rise of Banana Man

With high potassium comes great responsibility! Follow the thick skinned, selfless Banana Man as he battles with his arch-nemesis, Evil Lawyer! By Ezra Bullitt Devonshire, age 11.

Behind the Scenes

Getting to Dallas

Scripts, character design and other behind-the-scenes goodies.

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Because I'm so nice!

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