In the mid 1990s Dungeons & Dragons ruled the gaming world. Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, and many other books and gaming worlds were a part of it. It’s publisher, TSR, created another gaming world that won Game of the Year in 1995. That world was Esfah...

"A devious elder monster allies with the lava elves of the Obsidian Grotto. She promises to provide the elven general with arcane weapons to throw down their dwarven enemies, and also the support of a black magic wielding cult hidden within the Nhur-Gale Forest. General Shedakor assumes that any bargain with such a dark creature would extract a high cost... but can he afford to pay it?"

SFR Games Inc, who bought the license to Dragon Dice when TSR shut down, is celebrating the game's 25 year anniversary by reigniting the fiction line which began in the late 1990s but has seen little movement in a decade. With plans to launch 3 new novels in 2020, and another 12 within 6 years, you won't want to miss your chance to get a free copy of Rise & Fall of the Obsidian Grotto.