You deserve to live your happiest life!

We wrote Freeing the Butterfly for women who were feeling stuck and unhappy with their lives. If you're tired of living your life by someone else's rules, this book will show you how to take back your power and live your dreams.

Recognize where you're at...

Each stage is explained and compared to the process a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly.

Learn about the chakra system...

Each of your chakras has a specific purpose. You will learn which chakras are causing you to feel unhappy and tuck.

Incorporate simple tools...

There are easy things you can do to improve your chakra health. We share the best yoga poses, essential oils, and crystals you can use at each stage.

Use thought-changing affirmations...

Negative self-talk is detrimental. We replace it with positive affirmations to help you feel happier.

Meditate and visualize...

Change isn't easy, so the more you can see yourself in your new, happier life, the better. We help you visualize this through simple meditations. 

Put pen to paper...

We include journal, doodle, and colouring pages for you to write about your thoughts, draw what's on your mind, or meditate with your pencil crayons.

Josie Myers

Tired of feeling depressed from battling infertility, Josie sought out energy healing rather than traditional treatments like prescription drugs. She learned that her chakras weren't functioning optimally, causing her to lack healthy boundaries.

By working with a Reiki Master, Josie turned her health around and learned that she is a healer. Now a Reiki Master herself, Josie helps other women improve their health through energy work.

Michelle Cornish

Michelle was a successful accountant with a thriving practice, but something was missing. She was plagued with stress and anxiety and longed to spend more time with her family. But what would she do if she wasn't an accountant? 

Through working with Josie and learning about the chakra system and simple tools she could use to keep it balanced, Michelle re-discovered her passion for writing and art.