Because mom guilt is an unnecessary part of motherhood.

Moms experience mom guilt day in and day out, and many moms believe it's just a part of being a mom. But it's not.

Mom guilt is an UNNECESSARY evil that we put up with and don't even question it. It prevents us from living while parenting and we allow it to control our happiness. It doesn’t always manifest the way we might expect it to, so here are some of the ways you can tell if you’re feeling mom guilt:

  • Can't think of anything that brings you joy other than your head finally hitting your pillow 

  • Feel yourself looking back at when you weren't a parent with longing

  • You want to get away from everything because it's all overwhelming
  • Lack of fulfillment

  • Increasing stress levels

  • Snapping at your kids for just being kids, because you're overstimulated

  • Feeling resentment toward your partner because “they have time to do the things they enjoy”

  • Pick up something that catches your eye in Target, then put it back because you feel like you shouldn't spend money on yourself

  • Not sure who to call when you feel lonely because your friendships have been neglected 

  • Never feel like you're a "good enough" mom 


None of these are a requirement to being a good mom. And ALL of these are holding you back from being joyful in your journey. 

Here's what we cover in this free workshop:


What is causing YOUR mom guilt?


Place yourself at the center of your life story


Set new expectations from your perspective

I definitely need this free workshop!

It's time we get rid of it and enjoy our motherhood experience, on our terms.