Want to move abroad more than anything. Now what?

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Get the clarity and confidence you need with A Way Abroad's Mentorship Program.

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

⚡ You’ve taken a few international trips that left you hungry for more.

⚡ You’re itching to actually use that language you studied in school.

⚡ You crave the freedom to travel that remote work offers.

Whatever the reason, you’re eager to work and live abroad in a meaningful capacity. And yet...

😓 You’re scared you’re making the wrong decision or won’t succeed.

😓 You don’t know anyone else who has done it long-term as an example.

😓 Every time you research, there are too many options...and not enough options.

You want to make it happen. But it’s not happening.

I get it.

Here’s the good news: it is possible to create a rich, fulfilling life for yourself abroad. I should know – I did it. 

I’m Kat, and I launched A Way Abroad's Mentorship Program with the goal of helping other women move abroad successfully. I offer one-on-one mentoring packages to talk with you and answer your questions about the good, the bad, and the messy aspects of life abroad, so you can make informed decisions.

Because spoiler: living abroad is so much more than the filtered flat-lays and sun-kissed selfies on Instagram make it out to be. Some days are lonely and frustrating, while others are exhilarating and inspiring. And I’m here to hold your digital hand through it all.

Or keep reading to learn more.

Meet the OG Girl Gone Working: Kat Smith

I’m Kat, seasoned expat and founder of A Way Abroad, a comprehensive resource and community for women living and working abroad.

What started out as a three month solo trip to Guatemala turned into a life-long obsession with cross-cultural living that’s spanned 8 years and 4 continents. When I first moved abroad permanently, I had no idea what work opportunities were available to me, how to navigate the visa process, or how to go about making friends. But I took the leap and never looked back.

Did I have it all figured out before I left? Hell no.

Do I wish I’d had someone to talk through it with me and cheer me on? Hell yeah!

I launched A Way Abroad's 1:1 Mentoring Program to fill that role. Consider me your virtual wingwoman when it comes to moving abroad. I’m here to answer your questions, talk options, and share my experiences, as well as to connect you with my vast expat network– so you can feel confident in your next step.

There’s no question or concern too big or too small for us to discuss on a mentorship call. Possible topics we may cover include:

⚡Is moving abroad the right decision for you? If so, when?⚡ 

⚡How to handle unsupportive friends or family members.⚡

⚡Logistics questions about housing, visas, packing, etc.⚡

Because some things just aren't Google-able

👇Explore our mentoring packages to find the best fit 👇

Mentoring Packages

The Sprint

  • 1x 40-minute call
  • 48 hrs of direct chat access
  • Personalized action plan after our call
  • Option to upgrade to #2 or #3 after the call.

Total investment: $75

The Relay

  • 2x 40-minute calls
  • 2 weeks direct chat access
  • Personalized action plan after each call
  • Access to select 1 module of my Moving Abroad Prep course

Total investment: $200

The Marathon

  • 4x 40-minute calls
  • 1 month direct chat access
  • Personalized action plan after each call
  • Access to my entire Moving Abroad Prep course

Total investment: $400

Want to chat but not sure which package is right for you?

When you book Package 1, you always have the option to upgrade to package 2 or 3 by just paying the difference. I’m always happy to keep talking!

Stop furiously Googling. Let’s make the move, together.

What’s inside the Moving Abroad Prep Course?

My course is divided into 4 main sections: 

1. Emotional prep
2. Cultural prep
3. Mental prep
4. Logistical prep

Each section has two or more in-depth videos and PDFs to help you work through the lessons. By understanding everything that goes into these 4 aspects, you'll be prepared to move abroad–and thrive!

Kathleen M.

“Kat is a wealth of information for the veteran expat or someone looking to live and/or work abroad for the first time. She’s been extremely helpful with narrowing my location search, and navigating what countries might be best suited to me when factoring in visas. One thing I really loved about working with Kat is how I feel much more prepared to talk with friends and family who might not understand my want to live overseas again. I highly recommend a call with her to anyone considering starting their next chapter abroad!”

Natalia K.

“I had a 1:1 coaching call with Kat and it was awesome! She answered all of my questions regarding starting working as a freelancer and even offered to ask her contacts for the answers she might not have. She shared a light on her personal experiences and mentioned some important points to consider while traveling and working, like for example visas. After the call, I received a detailed email with all useful information. She was very well prepared for our call, and me feel calm and comfortable. She gave me the right push of motivation.”

Vivi U.

“The call was indeed super valuable for me not only for the information you gave me but also for motivation. Talking to someone who has been successful with an online business and who also has a similar mindset, gave me a lot of faith and motivation. I am starting from zero now, but it doesn't frighten me as it used to.”

Geneva L.

"Even for a long-term traveler like myself, there were many times I thought I'd hit a dead-end when it came to visa research. Luckily there's always something new to learn if you talk to the right people - and Kat is one of them! She's an absolute wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things living and working abroad. She's personable, friendly, and up-to-date with visa and industry changes. If you're considering a move abroad, definitely have a chat with Kat!"

Livia H.

"I'm so happy I stumbled upon the Girls Gone Working community which offers a perfect mix of resources that satisfy my wanderlust and practical advice on moving, living and working abroad. It was a pleasure to speak with Kat directly and learn about her experience living in Southeast Asia, a region where I'm hoping to move in the future. After our call, I feel much more reassured about taking this leap of faith knowing someone has done this before me and is available to provide guidance along the way through personalized mentorship."

Gaby G.

"In a daunting situation of not knowing where to start, Kat really helped me see a clearer picture and gave me the tools I needed to start seeing the possibility of living abroad."

Turn Your Dream of Moving Abroad into Reality

It's time you stop saying you want to move abroad and you turn that dream into reality. Talk to you soon!