Transform Your Lifestyle and Achieve Optimal Health

Affordable one-on-one coaching and support programs to help you on your Whole Food Plant Based journey!

Do you want to

  • Own the Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle?
  • Learn how to cook delicious plant-based recipes?
  • Learn how to shop and stock your kitchen?
  • Get the right tools to change your eating habits?
  • Learn how to overcome social challenges?
  • Learn how to easily eliminate oil from your diet?
  • Get tools to stay inspired and not fall off the WFPB path?
  • You will get

    Access to Our Facebook Support Group

    Email support

    Tools to Overcome Challenges

    1-on-1 Online Coaching

    Meet Your Coach


    Hi there!

    My name is Darren and I am your Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle Coach. I've been living this lifestyle for over 7 years now and I've successfully completed the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program.

    Coaching Programs

    Coaching Program Basic


    ☉ One 50-minute coaching session
    ☉ Ongoing Facebook Support Group access

    Coaching Program Premium


    12 week program
    Six 50-minute coaching sessions
    Ongoing Facebook Support Group access
    Email support
    Price: $150

    Coaching Program Premium Plus


    Weekly 50-minute coaching sessions
    Custom program
    Ongoing Facebook Support Group access
    Email support
    Price: $85 per month

    Why are the programs so cheap?

    My main goal is to inspire and help others on their Whole Food Plant Based journey. I want to make the programs available to all people, therefore I offer three programs including one free program. There are no hidden fees and the first call is always free without any commitment.