If it takes a village to raise a child,
it takes local communities collaborating worldwide 
to ensure the development of sustainable solutions for all
and solve the problems of our time

We are all connected!

It means we need a collective approach to make sure
our people and planet thrive
respecting our local cultures and environments.

Organizations focusing on purpose (and not profit first) are the answer but,
it is not easy to create flourishing purpose-driven organizations.

That's why a strong ecosystem supporting them along the journey is key.

Organizations are by essence people!

So we need to empower individuals to create, contribute and support
those organizations & initiatives that will generate a positive and sustainable development.

People + Planet + Profit = Sustainability 

We have to start to ACT NOW, so...

Welcome to


The GloCal Society of United People and Organizations
Continuously and Collaboratively Building Sustainable Development for All

Discover why people joined GlocAllia:

How to make sure nature and people thrive globally

Our gloCal ecosystem and movement help to tackle local solutions through global connections.
When a problem/need is identified we can:

Accelerate an existing organization (sharing our values) to solve this local challenge

Create a new impact venture with our startup studio

Help people to contribute to solutions through programs empowering individuals

Let's take a real example!

Packaging is a main contributor to climate change. Some countries historically used banana leaves to pack things and some are using it again. So, why not developing a packaging company in Rwanda (where you have a lot of bananas) based on this knowledge from Indonesia?

A company might be doing it in a surrounding country, so let's bring it in to create local employment and leverage natural resources. 

Otherwise, we can create a new venture with the startup studio leveraging our knowledge / network / experience or;

We can propose it through an open innovation approach to local communities  (find relevant ways to build it while supporting people creation with entrepreneurship / innovation programs).

Our citizens and organizations, sharing knowledge and networks globally can tackle this local challenge and replicate i where it is relevant. 


This is why organizations joined GlocAllia:

This ecosystem is focusing on local sustainable development connected globally (=gloCal). 

It can be seen as a new state/country or at least a society with no borders. 

A society of united people and organizations committed to sustainable development for all.

There are different ways to be a contributor and, the more you give, the more you receive (exchange of services, support for your project, shared revenue and more).
The global impact we bring through collective intelligence and global connections ensure the personal development of every citizen and growth of all organizations being part of our ecosystem.

Our governance is transparent and evolutive based on the wishes and proposals of the contributors.

The  only citizenship you are looking for

to generate a gloCal impact every day with your fellow citizens

If you think our dreams and goals are crazy, it means we aim for the right things. 

Be sure of it, it is just a start, and together we can achieve great things! Collaborating glocally,  we can make sure our people and the planet thrive! 

Do not hesitate to share your dreams, join impactful initiatives and create new ones. Your voice and actions count, even the smaller ones.

Actions we are already taking

From local problems to solutions and collaboration developed globally

Discover the list of glocal sustainable development opportunities or submit yours

We built a win-win program to help individuals learn Business Development / Growth skills and support organizations' acceleration

First local actions are on their way in different places (Rwanda, Hong Kong, Singapore, France)

Join the community or promote gloCal change where you are

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Our society is under official creation and the movement and ecosystem are launched
    (and is probably unstoppable whatever shape it takes)
  • Some organizations already committed to share a part of their profit to the society to strengthen the ecosystem and support schemes
    (this is how organizations join officially GlocAllia - reinvesting in the movement)
  • Different parts of the globe are already on board
    (and more to come! Simply share with your friends the movement, share it on social media and the world will be with us!)
  • Every citizen is also an investor and contributor helping to co-create the society  through our crowdfunded self-sustainable approach to ensure our growth
    (the money - even if the individual amount is small - is used for the development of all and we aim to give a 10% return over 3 years maximum)
  • The world is our beneficiary
    (every people and location can be supported by our actions, even if they are not citizens (yet ;) )
  • All those rules can be changed and adapted along the way to better serve the gloCal sustainable development of all
    (based on our community feedback, decisions and actions)

Contact us

Send us a message if you have any questions or comment