Heaven and Hell weren’t the enemies everyone thought we were. The mortal plane was more like a chessboard. With humans being the pieces and us the players. The divine was more bound by their rules. If there was one thing the seven deadly sins could sense, it was the dark desires of the human soul.

God created the Heavens and the Earth and the sin of one created the others. For the first sin to give birth to darkness, was Pride.

Humanities' first fall began with the snake and the apple of Eden. As the apple was devoured, the sin of Greed was born.

The third sin came when blood was spilled on the holy land, for the worst kind of Lust is driven by the desire for God.

The heavens wept when Cain rose his blade and brother struck down brother, for the fourth sin emerged in a rage of Envy that could tear down the strongest bond.

The Mother of Harlots fed upon the desires of Babylon, condemning the city to God’s prejudice. From the rubble of the desecrated crawled the fifth sin, for Gluttony is never satisfied.

Delilah’s love betrayed, twisted her soul. As Sampson’s greatest gift was stripped, the sixth sin came fourth. For there is no worse Wrath than that of a woman scorned.

The final sin was born with the crowds that watched the crucifixion. As the son of God released his last breath he gave life to Sloth, for the greatest sin is that of the one who sits idly by.


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