Spiritual Goddess Box

The ultimate self-care box

Move into a place of relaxation and peace with this specially curated box

Rose Quartz Crystal

Opens your heart to self-love

Sage Stick

Cleanse your space to remove negative energies

Lavender oil roller with Lavender buds

Use this oil before going to bed or through the day to feel calm. Custom blend by Josie Myers

Satin Eyemask*

Just what you need at the end of the day to rest your eyes and regenerate your mind, body and soul

Tranquility Soap Bar

Nourish your skin and awaken your senses with lemon and lavender soap. Locally made exclusively for the Spiritual Goddess box by Get Naked Soaps

Caramel Clusters

Pair these Sea Salt Callebaut caramel clusters with your favourite glass of wine. These are made locally by Biscuits to Baskets

Every box is infused with Reiki Energy

Goddess Greeting Card

Use this card to record a loving message to yourself, doodle in it or gift it to another Goddess you know or frame it. This high quality picture was taken by Photographic Touch

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Spiritual Goddess Box

Only 20 boxes available

* The satin mask will differ in colour for each box

A little bit about the box creator

My name is Josie Myers and I'm an energy praciticioner. I'm a Reiki Master and use different modalities to help moms live their happiest life. I created this box so women can take a moment to focus on themselves. Each component of this box has been selected to help with your mind, body and soul. Enjoy!