March 15 - April 14 (Live Sessions Weekly on Mondays at Noon EST)

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Come learn how to implement productivity methodologies in the all-new Evernote.

The new Evernote (version10+) rings in a new era for the Evernote product suite. Now that we know the basics from Getting Started With Evernote, let's take Evernote into the realm of personal productivity and learn how to implement some time and task management so we learn some intermediate functions of Evernote!


Join us for live sessions as we get you started with the new Evernote!

Part 1

Session 1

  1. Welcome

  2. About Your Instructor, Ray Sidney-Smith, Evernote Certified Consultant

  3. What will this course cover?

  4. Using the Calendar templates in the Evernote Template Gallery

  5. Implementing the Merrill-Covey “Eisenhower” Matrix

  6. Implementing Personal Kanban

Part 2

Sessions 2-3

Implementing Getting Things Done with Evernote

  1. Setting Up a GTD System in Evernote

  2. Managing Projects

  3. Managing Actions

  4. Daily Review

  5. Weekly Review

Part 3

Sessions 4-5

Implementing the Bullet Journal with Evernote

  1. Setting Up the Bullet Journal (Index, Logs, Collections)

  2. Using the Bullet Journal; Migration

Meet Ray Sidney-Smith

Ray Sidney-Smith is a Productivity Technology Coach, Evernote Certified Consultant and Evernote Regional Leader for North America. Ray trains small business owners, executives and professionals on business process improvement using a variety of productivity technologies.

Chief Training Officer

Ray Sidney-Smith

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