Softness to Balance the Hard

It's right there in the name.  Goju-ryu.  Hard-soft style.  But the training most of us receive is anything but soft.  Hard blocks.  Strong punches and kicks.  Force against force is the rule.

Yet goju was intended to bring a balanced approach to the martial arts.  Like yin and yang, hard and soft were to be flip sides of the same coin, meant to go together.

We put the ju back into the practice for goju-ryu practitioners with supplemental training and resources that you can layer into your existing practice  -- and to bring balance to the force.  So you can unleash the dragon in you.


What is ju training?

Becoming soft involves a lot more than just learning to deflect attacks with less force.  Instead, it means drawing upon the principles and practices of the internal Chinese martial arts.  Those are focused upon the cultivation and use of energy to defend and attack.  To accomplish that, goju karateka must shift how they see and approach the application of their art.

So how are you going to get it?


Online Training

Our seminars will offer a good start.  But as any karateka soon learns, it's not just what you know, but what you can do with it that counts.  And that takes training over time, and developing the habits necessary to apply it when needed.  For that we're building an academy for training the softer side of goju-ryu.  What's involved?

Now Open

Online Workspace

Our digital dojo program includes an online workspace we call the digital dojo.  There we assemble materials for you to use when training from home to supplement what you learn in our live events. From workouts to combinations to kata and more, we provide a wide variety of options for you to select from and work on from the comfort of your home.

    Coming Soon

    Zoom Classes

    Group classes by Zoom are coming soon.  If you're ready to go and need a place to start, drop us a line.  Soon may be sooner than we think.

      Now Open

      Personal Training

      At the heart of any good training program is the ability to get hands-on help to learn new material and correct your form.  To do this we offer personal training for those who want more.  Available on a per session and monthly basis.

        Now Open

        Inner Power Podcast

        Effective training requires more than just mimicking movements of an instructor. It demands understanding of the theory and principles involved, and how they relate to the techniques to accomplish the desired result.  We have started a PRIVATE PODCAST accessible to DIgital Dojo members where we discuss these things in detail, so you know not just what to do, but how to do it, too.

          Now Open

          Video Resource Library

            We've assembled hundreds of videos organized across dozens of topics and forums to give you a wide variety of research, reference and self-training materials to help you grow into the karateka you want to be.  It covers everything from kihon, kata and kumite to the fundamentals of ju and other training to supplement all that you are, so you can build yourself into the karateka you want to be.

            Now Open

            Promotional Testing for Rank

            Let's face it.  We all like to be recognized for our hard work and ability attained.  Holding rank allows that, and provides incentive to keep going even when you think you've plateaued.  We offer promotional testing for rank for all students who have trained with us for 3 or more consecutive months.

              Now Open

              Local Dojo

              Goju at Home isn't limited to online.  We've got a local club, too.  It's located right here in South Florida -- Coral Springs, to be exact -- where we provide training in the traditional goju-ryu material, supplemented by the ju training we offer online.  Whether you live there or are just visiting, we invite you to connect with us for a workout (COVID restrictions and lockdowns permitting).  We look forward to seeing you there.

                Digital Dojo Membership will be opening soon.

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